Books I’ve Read April to June

Another three months gone and three more books I’ve read this year. The books in the second quarter improved majorly from the first three books I read. I shared a picture of them at Easter and most of my Instagram followers knew something positive to say about all of them so I got excited. Also, two of them have been interpreted on screen as well which is always a good sign.

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Here’s the books I’ve read between April to June.

Me Before You – JoJo Moyes

If you don’t like sad stories, don’t read this book. It’s not all sad but be aware that tears will come, even if you want them to our not.

A young man, who’s always had an active life whether on a surfboard, snowboard or motorcycle gets in an accident paralysing him from the neck down. I don’t even want to think about what I’d do if it was me. Moving back to his parents in a small English town he’s in need of a carer. An slightly younger girl, naive and full of life takes the job to find he’s a tough one to crack. Her style of clothing and character made me giggle plenty of times whilst the story which unfolds between the main characters made me cry.

Worth a read before watching the film with the same name. They did a good job but a film can never be as good as a book. It felt rushed and the giggles and cries didn’t feel as deep.

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

I mainly picked up this book in the shop because I read that Alexander Skarsgård plays one of the characters in the TV series based on the book. The fact Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman also star in it made me think it must be a really good story and script.

Unlike other dramas or thrillers you have to read the whole book to find out what has happened and who’s died. Normally the murder happens at the beginning of a book, to continue with unfolding who the guilty person is. Here, you only know that someone is dead. Not who, how, when or who’s responsible for it.

Set in Australia, the book follows three mums and their friendship in a small town. Their friendship, their marriages, children and pasts. The chatty who is involved in any town or school business. The wise who never reveals what goes on behind closed doors. And the the young and troubled who’s recently moved in.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, from start to finish. I think they did a great job turning it in to a tv series which left more room for building the characters. Unfortunately the last episode is a bit rushed (sorry if I’ve spoilt it for anyone) and I don’t like the changes made to Renees character, although she’s perfect for that role.

The Summer Seaside Kitchen – Jenny Colgan

Another easy read, perfect for the summer holidays. A woman in her late 20’s is having to go back home to her small villages back in Scotland to help with a law case her London firm is working on. Reluctant to go back to her family after her mothers death, she realises it’s not as bad as she though (despite denying it).

She’s under the assumption her father and three brothers are better off without her managing the farm but maybe her coming back serves as a mind opener for everyone. There’s obviously a triangle drama between herself, the safe choice local gentleman and the hunky big city life boss of hers.

As I said, an easy read which won’t leave you with lots of feelings apart from cheesiness.

What books have you read lately? Any recommendations for my next three months ahead?

Jennie xx



  1. 13th July 2017 / 4:23 pm

    I really like the sound of Big Little Lies, I remember seeing billboards for the show but haven’t watched it yet! Might try to read the book first!

    • Jennie
      13th July 2017 / 6:59 pm

      It’s really good! Yes, please read the book first. Still worth watching the show after 🙂 x

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