Bonkers Mini Cruise

The weekend just gone was so much fun! I got to spend it with some of my fave bloggers friends Charlotte, Tina and Gina. We  went on an overnight ferry trip to Amsterdam, and experienced the most bonkers bingo playing both there and back. It’s safe to say that Bonkers Bingo live up to their name!

Bonkers Bingo balloons

I’ve never been on an overnight ferry trip before, only short trips between Sweden and Denmark and Denmark and Germany. Ooh and I slept on deck on a ferry trip between the New Zealand islands years and years ago. Safe to say none of my previous experiences prepared me for what P&O Ferries and Bonkers Bingo had in store for us. I had a feeling it would be bonkers (clue is in the title) but not on this level. I’ve seen things I’m not sure I can even mention in this post.

Before i tell you about my Bonkers Bingo experience, let’s check out the venue for the weekend.

P&O Ferries, Pride of Rotterdam

For those of you who don’t know, the ferry leaves from Hull docks for Rotterdam. From there, there are coaches to either Rotterdam or Amsterdam depending on which city you fancy exploring. We obviously went to Amsterdam and a post about what we got up to there is in the writing.

The ferry leaves at 8 pm and takes 12 hours in total, which is enough time for dinner, entertainment, sleep and breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised by all the offerings on board; two restaurants, plenty of bars and even two cinemas. For £5 it’s a great alternative to the free entertainment provided. Don’t expect the grand staircase in Titanic, nor Jack waiting downstairs though. Instead you’ll find an English pub like atmosphere with colourful patterned carpets, leather chairs and cabin corridors all looking the same where one can easily get lost. The best venue for Bonkers Bingo.


I was impressed with the cabin Gina and I shared. I prepared for a small bunk bed room but we had a cabin with a view and a bed on the same level each! The bed is actually really comfy so despite the few hours sleep we had on both ways, I felt refreshed waking up. The bathroom is small with a toilet, sink and shower but big enough to move around so no need to back out on yourself. A very well planned, clean and spacious cabin for a two night stay.

P&O Ferries cabin view P&O Ferries bathroom


Complimentary in our tickets, we had access to ‘The Kitchen’. Here they serve a hot buffet in the evening, including roasts, curries, salads and lots of desserts and in the morning a comprehensive breakfast buffet. On both nights I went for the curry option and it was nice to see that they had different types to choose from both evenings. With all the extras I almost forgot I was on a ferry with a kitchen big enough to feed over 1,000 passengers.

P&O Ferries The Kitchen P&O Ferries curry

This is a very brief overview of the ferry. If you haven’t been on a trip before, it’s well worth trying it out. I’m not so sure as a couple but definitely as a big group looking for something different and fun. they have entertainment each night on the centre stage and for this weekend only, Bonkers Bingo took over with a bang!

Let’s Play Bonkers Bingo

I’ll start with this; the more drinks you have, the more fun you’ll have. Don’t be shy or scared of making a fool out of yourself, it’s expected! If you’ve played bingo before, forget those rules. The only common rule is that you play for one row, two rows and full house. I’ve only played bingo once before and didn’t enjoy it. Mainly because I didn’t win but also because I was schussed by elderly people for speaking quietly to my friends. With Bonkers Bingo – the louder you are, the better!

P&O Ferries drinks Bonkers bingo game cards Bonkers Bingo game

The hostess for both evenings, who may I add is absolutely brilliant!!!, shouts out the numbers and now and again often the game is interrupted with song singing, dance offs and other random entertainment. She’s brilliantly witty, and without her the game would only be bonkers, not hilariously fun. I spent both night crying with laughter.

When you have bingo, shout it out loud and hopefully you’ll go away with a random prize. Prizes like a cat tongue brush, a unicorn onsie, inflatable emojis and even cardboard cut outs of famous people. Don’t think it’s as easy as just getting the numbers right, in the two second games you have to earn your prize. This is where it all gets bonkers. The challenges set involves making a fool out of yourself and maybe even someone else in the audience. I’ve seen twerking, lap dancing, men in bras and full house conga to name a few. If you claim and it’s false, everyone points to sing “You’re shit, and you know you are” to the Go West melody. It’s an all inclusive game, making everyone feel good!

Bonkers Bingo stageBonkers Bingo balloon game

My favourite part of the game is when the massive balloons are dropped down from the ceiling for everyone to play with. I love balloons!! After a minute or two the music stops and if you’re lucky to hold the balloon with the number that’s drawn, you win.

I’m kind of relieved I didn’t win any of the games as I’m not sure I’d be up for the challenges but it’s not about winning is, but to take part… Thanks so much to P&O Ferries and Bonkers Bingo for starting off my February with a bang!

Bonkers Bingo hostess

Have you ever been on a mini cruise before? Where should I go next? Would you be up for a game of Bonkers Bingo? If you want to play, check out where they play near you here and if you want to take a ferry trip to Rotterdam, here’s how.

Jennie xx

*I was invited on this trip by P&O Ferries and Bonkers Bingo in return for this honest review. All views are my own.