Bongo's Bingo Leeds

Bongo’s Bingo + Oktoberfest = Fun Carnage!

Bongo’s Bingo*, a crazy event you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. Why play bingo in silence when you can on the highest volume? Like Bonkers Bingo, this isn’t for the prude or sedentary.

For my first time going Bongo’s Bingo, normally hosted at Canal Mills in Leeds, relocated to the Oktoberfest tent for one night only and according to regulars, a good choice in doing so. I’ve experienced a great night out at South Bank Depot previously, at last year’s Oktoberfest. Both Oktoberfest and Bingo’s Bongo Leeds are crazy nights out so why not combine the two.

Bongo's Bingo Prosecco Oktoberfest steins

With tickets sold out, there was a full house (see what I did there?) of mostly students and a couple of oldies like myself. Never did I realised how old I am until this night and it pains me to think I once behaved like today’s students do.

Together we were ready for a night full of surprises, bench dancing, heckling and lots of laughter. I was also prepared to win as unlike regular bingo, Bongo’s Bingo have some fab prizes. Who doesn’t want to win a weekend away in Berlin, a massive teddy unicorn (which actually was a pony with wings), alcohol or cash money to buy the table a round of steins? Luckily the winners didn’t have to take part in crazy challenges to earn them, just got lots of cheering from the crowd.

Bongo'sBingo guys in dresses

The prizes and the spontaneous dancing to songs picked from various number associations makes Bongo’s Bingo so much more fun than any other bingo night. Luckily the rules are the same, it would be hard to remember anything else when alcohol consumption is encouraged. Expect confetti, heckle, bench dancing, drinks flowing and dance floor carnage. Oh and entertainment from two men in dresses, which they enjoy taking off when a sexy number like 69 being called out.

To finish the night, Five (three of them) came on stage to perform. I was so excited for this but sadly they weren’t allowed to play their full set. We didn’t get to hear classics like “Everybody Get Up” and I think they were as disappointed as us. I wish the venue had told them they only had a couple of minutes left before the curfew. I hope there wasn’t anyone in the house who had bought a ticket only to see Five.

Five Bongo's Bingo Five Leeds

Despite Five’s early exit, I had a really good time. I can recommend Bingo’s Bongo if you’re out in a big group of friends, looking for something different to do. Check out their website for tickets, where in the UK you can play and what special guests are performing.

Have you ever played Bongo’s Bingo before? Would you give it a go?

Jennie xx

*I was invited and given 6 tickets for free in return for this blog post. All views, words and photos are as always my own (unless stated otherwise).

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