Life Styled by Jennie Blog Makeover

You might remember that I said in my goals for 2018 post that I fancied doing a blog makeover. And now I have! I haven’t changed much, only three things, but to me it makes all the difference. I feel like the blog is more me and more fresh than previously. The best bit? I didn’t have to spend a single penny on updating it.

Life Styled by Jennie on iPadLife Styled by Jennie logo

Three Things That I Changed

Like I mentioned, I’ve only changed three things: the logo, the top navigation bar and the side bar. All this to help free up space so that my posts have more visibility and the photos are bigger.


You might remember the red, white and black theme I had previously. With a logo I designed all by myself. At the time I loved it and I thought I was clever using the same red heart circle around each social media icon as well. Over the years, I now think it feels childish and far too big taking up half the screen. It’s not my logo (I hope) you come to look at viewing my blog but to read my content. Hopefully this new, smaller and simpler logo will put the posts in more focus.

The choice of yellow is a conscious decision to make the blog look more fresh. To me, yellow screams happiness, health and brightness which are three things I think fits with me and therefor should be portrayed in my blog. I’ve kept the black and white theme as it goes with everything and monochrome will probably always be my go to style.

I created the logo for free using Canva and their logo designs. Canva is also the tool I use for my featured blog post photos.

Top Navigation Bar

Changing the amount of pages meant I had to tidy up a bit in my category section. I scaled down to six page selections from from nine to free up space in the top navigation bar. I didn’t see a need to keep the ‘Home’ button as you can easily navigate back to the home page by clicking on the logo. ‘Events’ is a category I hardly ever saved any posts to. Most of the events will have a theme that fits better under another category. I also combined the ‘About’ and ‘PR & Disclaimer’ section.

A very simple change but it made wonders to my navigation bar as it now only sits on one row, rather than over two like previously. Again a good trick to rid space in the top fold.

Right hand sidebar

The last thing and perhaps most useful change I did to free up space and make my posts more prominent is removing the right hand sidebar. It included a lot of useful information but I’ve found other places to include them. If you want to learn more about me, you can head to my ‘About’ page. Freeing up the top navigation bar meant that it now has room for my social icons that previously sat in this bar. Instead of the short about me snippet including a link to my email address, it now sits in the envelope next to the social icons. Next to that I’ve got a magnifying glass, so you can still search for a specific topic, instead of a massive search bar taking up space like previously. I’ve also kept the ‘Archives’ section should you want to search my blog during a certain time frame, but it’s at the bottom of the page instead.

I like the idea of the icons and badges you can download to show that you’re part of a community but I feel they didn’t fit in. They’re all so different in design and to be honest, look more like advertising. Does anyone click those anyways? I know I don’t.

Now all I have to change is my name colour each time I sign off. I’m going from red to yellow here as well.

What do you think to my blog makeover? Have you thought about changing yours? Have you got any other tips on how to free up space and make room for the blog posts and photos?

Jennie xx