Blog At The Beach

I’ve been meaning to write this post for such a long time but it’s not come around until now. I can only but apologise as the Blog At The Beach event took place months ago. It was the day before I set off to the US for a two week long holiday and we all know that a very long time ago, or so it feels for me. Did I even go? Anyway, since then I’ve been busy with life and moving house so I’ve not had a chance to implement everything I learnt at the event and therefore not come around to write about it. I still haven’t gotten round to implementing everything I want to but I thought writing about it might push me in the right direction and it’s not like I can wait any longer to share with you what I actually learnt at Blog At The Beach.

Mexican Fiesta

The event took place at White Cloth Gallery in Leeds and we’d all gathered there to celebrate a Mexican Fiesta with a Mariachi band, strongest margaritas on this planet, tacos and a piñata proven very difficult to break. We were also to learn more about blogging and life online with Mi Elfverson, Kirsten Thompson and Sabina Trojanova. Here’s what they taught me and how I will/have implemented it on my blog.

Protect my blog and brand reputation by upping my PR & Disclaimer policies

Kirsten Thompson is the woman behind The Kooky Traveller and her talk was all about how we can protect ourselves and our brand online. To be honest, this talk scared me a bit. It felt very intimidating and it was almost as if we’d be better off not going online at all. Now, the scare tactic has had effect on me and maybe though I’m naturally careful when engaging online Kirsten did have a good point I should include a page on my blog stating exactly how I use my images, how I work with PR’s etc. Although I have a PR & Disclaimer page on my blog, I could really do with updating it and go in to more details.

Kirsten Thompson

For more information on Kirsten’s talk, check out her post from the day.

Toy with the idea of one day sharing a vlog with you all

The second talk was held by Mi Elfverson from The Vlog Academy, talking us through how to start vlogging. I absolutely loved this talk, can never go wrong with some Scandinavian humour. Mi is Swedish like me and I got all her dry jokes but I was sad to learn during the day and from posts being written up after the event that not everyone did get her. Oh well, maybe it was due to Mi introducing us to vlogging on a very basic level. I know that a lot of bloggers also vlog so maybe it was all a bit ‘old news’ for them.

Mi Elfverson

I for one got really encouraged by Mi and she made vlogging seem so simple, like anyone can do it. I felt really inspired leaving for my holiday thinking I’d vlog at some point but I never did. I’ve once heard my voice and seen myself on video and I’m terrible. I really do hope that one day I will take the time making a video to share with you all. I should really do it leading up to my second 10k for this year. I could take you on a trip seeing how I get on with my training for it. Running and talking at the same time, not expecting me to look good whilst doing it might make be more inclined. We’ll see!

If you’re like me, unsure about vlogging and how to make a start – check out Mi’s company page for help!

Grow my following with more expats living in the UK

I’ve not read a single post or heard of Sabina from Girl vs. Globe before this event. When I did hear there was going to be a talk on the day about on how to grow your following I got really excited. This is something I really want to build on. Sabina is a great talker so I was happy to see she finished off the day, putting big smiles on everyone.

Sabina Trojanova

She gave us a task straight away: write down who we are, who our readers are and what type of followers we’d like to have. A more difficult task than it might seem. I don’t like things like these, especially not when being put on the spot so I was not one of the brave girls sharing their ideas and how they want to stand out online.

Since the event, I’ve had a think and something I can’t take away from me is that I’m an expat, that I have a lot of expat friends where I live but also have encountered through my blogging life. I’d like to spread this further and I’ve had thoughts about doing something on the blog for a while and after the event, three blogging expats have been featured on my little blog (Carolin, Dannielle and Alessandra) talking about their experience moving to the UK. I want to see more of this and I hope you do too! If you’re a blogger and have moved to the UK from a different country, please get in touch.

More on how to grow your following in Sabina’s post.

Thank you so much to the team at for arranging this fab event and inviting me. It’s nice to see a brand wanting to engage this much with bloggers and giving so much to the blogging community.

Did you attend Blog At The Beach? What did you take away from the day?

Jennie xx