Statment Denim Jacket

It’s been a while since I shared a fashion post with you all. I wish I could do them more often but finding the time, a nice day and someone to take the photos isn’t easy. The other weekend when I went out for a bottomless brunch with colleagues I took the opportunity to pose in this gorgeous statement denim jacket. They were happy to snap photos of me. The fact that the sun was out helped so much too!

Black Denim Jacket

Have you been enjoying the sunshine? I sure have, as I’m scared it might never come back again. Could this be the only summer we get?! It’s so nice being able to walk around bare legged, not dragging around heavy jackets and seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s astonishing how a little bit of sunshine and heat changes everyone’s behaviour.

The statement Denim JacketStatement Denim JacketStatement Black OutfitBlack statement outfitTassel Denim Jacket

Right, time to show off this statement denim jacket. I’ve been meaning to buy a denim jacket for a while. Of course in black and when I spotted this in Primark, I was easily convinced to bring it home with me. I was a little hesitant to the tassels but do you know what, I could cut them off should I ever get bored but after wearing it a couple of times, I don’t think I ever will. I really like the tears it has which makes it look slightly worn. To make it less morbid, I’ve added a couple of pins. Wouldn’t be a real denim jacket without them would it.

Marilyn Monroe pose

The other statement in this outfit is the skirt. I have only worn this skirt twice before, both for work do’s. When looking at it on the other day, I thought why leave it to look pretty on the clothes rail when it can look pretty on me. I must admit, it fits better now than last time I wore it and that’s due to daily gym sessions in the last year, bike rides to and from work and less munching on snacks. I love everything about this skirt: colour, fit, texture and pattern.

Gold Converse

To dress down this outfit I style it with my favourite pair of Converse. I’ve had them nearly five years now, bought in reductions during my last New York visit. In spring and summer time it’s always nice to wear brighter shoes but instead of bright white, the gold pattern dim these shoes a bit. The gold also matches really well with the gold studs on the jacket’s tassels.

Statement Accessories

Speaking of tassels, you didn’t think I’d go out in public without wearing tassel earrings did you. I felt like my almost all black outfit needed a pop of colour so went with these mustard coloured ones. I usually go with them when I want the accessories to pop a little bit extra, perfect in this outfit too. Other than that for accessories, a big bold ring to keep with the black and gold theme.

Black Outfit

Denim Jacket – Primark
Top – H&M
Skirt – Quiz
Shoes – Converse
Earrings – Next
Ring – Primark

I will definitely be wearing this outfit again, perhaps change it up with different tops. What do you think to it? Have you got a current go to outfit? Had a chance to show off those gorgeous legs of your yet?

Jennie xx