Bloom Baker Workshop

On a very windy night, myself and a handful other bloggers visited Bloom Bakers at Carousel in Headingley. Carousel a rotating cafe which hosts various pop ups and workshops throughout the year. Bloom Bakers is a Germanic biscuit  and cake baking duo (Lisa & Saskia) who had set up their Christmas biscuit decorating workshop.

On arrival, the tables were set up with individual workstations, including rolling pins, decorating props, icing and food colouring. It all looked so colourful and inviting! After a cup of spicy hot chocolate, I was ready to get stuck in.

Biscuit decorating tools Food colouringBloom Bakers biscuits

Saskia and Lisa had already prebaked the biscuits for us which cut out a lot of time. All we had to do was putting together the presentation box, colour our icing, make it festive and decorate the biscuits. It was so much fun! I loved it from start to finish, apart from the mistakes I made. It was a trial and error working out which letters to use, how thick the icing should be and how hard to push the stamps. Luckily, icing is very easy to work with and don’t take long to remould and roll out again.

Red marble effect icing Green marble effect icing

I think we all went for a marbled effect on the icing as suggested by Saskia. Some more with intricate colours, having to use more than one food colouring. I stuck with red and green separate but instead of using lots of colour, going for a pastel effect. It worked really well and even though I was jealous of everyone else creativity, minimalism is what I like the most.

God Jul Biscuit decorating letters

I wanted to write out God Jul (Merry Christmas in Swedish) in big letters but the biscuits aren’t big enough so I had to use the small letters instead. It felt very therapeutic working with the letters, figuring out which way to put them on the stamp in order for the message to come out right turned. It got confusing a couple of times but I worked it out in the end. The whole evening was really nice and it made me want to take up more craft and DIY sessions in my home. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often, it makes me feel so calm.

Transferring the icing to the biscuits is very straight forward. You just have to make sure you have enough corn flour underneath so they don’t stick to the table/work top. In order to make the icing stick to the biscuit, add a little lemon juice on top of the biscuit and press down. And voila, Christmas decorated biscuits all ready to munch away on.

Biscuit decorating workshop Bloom Bakers gift boxChristmas biscuits

The idea was that I’d give away the biscuits to someone for Christmas but there’s not enough to treat the whole team at work and I’m not sure they’ll last all the way to Sweden without breaking. Looks like I might have to eat them all myself, what a shame! all boxed up, they make a really nice gift, especially for people who already have everything.

Bloom Baker’s are doing another Christmas biscuit decoration workshop on the 20th this month. If you fancy it, you can get tickets here. They’re only £5.50 for children and £11 for adults. There’s another opportunity in February as well, in time for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. So if you’re struggling for Christmas gift ideas, why not give someone tickets for next year’s workshop.

Have you taken part in any biscuit decorations like this before? Are you making any ginger bread biscuits or other Christmas baking this year?

Jennie xx

Bloom bakers kindly invited me to take part in this workshop in return for this snackable blog post. All views are my own.