Last week, restaurant Bem Brasil in Leeds celebrated their first birthday and I attended the party. With fellow blogger friends, Natalie and Charlotte we and our plus ones headed down to Bem Brasil straight after work. We were a bit too early so had time for a photo shoot outside. The restaurant is located on Greek Street, very close to the Headrow and Town Hall if you don’t know Leeds very well.

Bem Brasil entrance

Once inside we were greeted with Caipirinha and bubbly staff, eager to get the party started. The restaurant was nicely decorated with balloons everywhere to set the mood and to help even more we had our faces decorated with sparkles and glitter, a two man band playing live music and two Brazilian dancers bravely shaking their stuff all evening.

Brazilian entertainment

Bem Brasil Meat Menu

I’ve never been to Bem Brasil before but I knew it is very similar to Fazenda on the other side of town so I was really excited to try this place out too. If you love meat (I know I do) this place is heaven. The meat keeps coming, even when you don’t want it to. You can say no and they’ll be back around again with another type of meat to try. I didn’t have time to take pictures of all the meats, they kept coming and I just wanted to eat, sorry!

Salad Bar

Bem Brasil also offer a massive salad bar, full of different side dish options. Natalie will have covered more about that in her blog, as she is vegetarian. I always put more food on my plate than my belly can handle so it was full of food from the salad bar, before the meat even came out. So many meats to choose from, I wanted to try them all but couldn’t. My favourites were Garlic Beef, Sirloin Steak and Cap of Rump – the bloodier, the better. I didn’t have time to take pictures of all the meats, they kept coming and I just wanted to eat, sorry!

Bem Brasil salad bar


For this special occasion we also had a special drinks menu so the Caipirinhas kept coming and one or two Sangrias as well. I stuck with the Caipirinhas as last time I had Sangria I didn’t have a great experience the day after…(that’s a story I’ll keep to myself). The drinks were really strong and instead of getting used to them (which normally happens) they only felt stronger for each time a new drink was served.



One of the highlights was definitely barbequed pineapple, covered in cinnamon. I’ve never had warm pineapple before and would probably not imagined it being so delicious as it was. Perfect end to a massive meal! It had a really nice, subtle sweet taste which slightly eased the pain of feeling too full.

Barbequed pineapple

Thank you Bem Brasil for the invite, I truly enjoyed myself and that’s what I call a party! Did join in the celebrations? What do you think of Bem Brasil?

Jennie xx