Belledorm Bedding

Every time I stay in a hotel (not as often as I’d like) I always think I should invest in white bedding like they have. Never has it happened, until Rooi got in touch and asked if I’d like to try their Belledorm bedding. I thought, this is my chance to invest in a really nice, comfortable and long lasting bed set which I’ll hopefully sleep as well in as I do during hotel stays. It arrived last week and as soon as I opened the packages I couldn’t wait to go to bed.

Belledorm Bedding White This might sounds silly but it was like magic putting on this bedding, the duvet and pillows somehow upgraded. My duvet has never been so light and snugging at the same time as with this 100% Egyptian cotton cover and the sheet and pillowcases are super soft to lay your skin on. It definitely gives you that hotel feeling and I’m so happy.

Breakfast in Bed

Belledorm Double Bed Duvet Cover* – £43.95
Belledorm Double Bed Fitted Sheet – £ 18.95
Belledorm Pillowcases (Housewife Pairs) – £10.95

I’ve always used 100% cotton bedding before as that’s what I find most comfortable but it turns out cotton and Egyptian cotton are two different things. The latter is a lot softer and keeps you cool on warm nights and warm on cold nights. The other bedding I own always have the same temperature which is annoying, especially on a hot summer night.

Bellodorm Pillowcases

At first I was worried that full on white bedding would look too clinical in my bedroom as my walls are white and so is my bed frame and furniture but I think it still works. It’s different textures and during day time I have a grey bedspread and colourful pillows to cover up with. I could do with a nice painting above the bed though.

The Belledorm bedding is surprisingly easy to take care of; 40 degree wash with similar colours. I think I’ll be washing it on its own avoiding to accidentally slip in a red sock. I might have to buy a different detergent as apparently they have different optical brighteners which could change the shade of the bedding.

So far, I’ve been extra careful washing off makeup before going to bed and I’ll be sure never to never have it on when I’m fake tanning. I’ve had it in for a couple of days now and it still looks as fresh as when I put it in so mission accomplished. Over the weekend I treated myself to breakfast in bed with a good book as well but I was super careful not spilling smoothies and other food all over it. It’s safe to say this bedding is too nice to want to move anywhere else unless I have to.

Breakfast Breakfast from above Reading in bed

The only issue I have with this bed set is that I’m now spoilt for choice and will probably only want to own 100% Egyptian cotton bedding. Do you own any luxurious bed sets?

Jennie xx

*Rooi kindly sent me the duvet cover free of charge. I paid for the bed sheet and pillowcases with my own money. All views are my own.