Ad | Gifted. Turning 25, I decided to throw a massive party and obviously wanted to look my best. As part of that, I wanted to apply false eyelashes. Having never tried it before, I gave myself plenty of time to get them on just right. It didn’t take me too long to apply the lash strip on perfectly on the left hand side eye. The right hand side though, it was impossible to get it positioned exactly like on my left side. I kept trying but after half an hour of messy fingers full of glue and I lost my patience and gave up. The party was still a success but it took me ages to once again try false eyelashes. This time in a salon but let’s be honest, that’s expensive to do regularly. Enter magnetic eyelashes!

Since magnetic eyelashes became a thing, I’ve heard a lot of positives about them and so I decided to try some out. I love them! They are so easy to apply and they are reusable which makes them worth the small cost.

A lot of brands have started making magnetic eyelashes, alongside other fake eyelashes, so there are plenty out there to try. Most recently, I was sent two kits* from Ardell Professional which False Eyelashes stock.

Magnetic Eyelashes from False EyelashesArdell Magnetic Eyelashes

How do magnetic eyelashes work

With magnetic eyelashes, long gone is sticky glue. As far as I’m aware, there are two types of magnetic eyelashes. One version which uses magnetic eyeliner to hold on to the lash strips and the other where you have two sets of eyelash strips which stick together with tiny magnets, wrapping your own eyelash line in between. Basically like a sandwich.

I have tried both versions and find both equally good. The main difference between these I’d say is that with the second alternative your eyelashes look thicker as you use two strips per eye. I prefer the magnetic eyeliner version for everyday use as it gives a more natural look but the second alternative is less messy. None are messy to apply but magnetic eyeliner is slightly trickier to remove than any other eyeliner. Make sure to invest in an oil based makeup remover.

Ardell Magnetic Eyelashes

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

The magnetic eyelashes that come with a magnetic eyeliner you apply just as you would do with other fake eyelashes. Apply one or two layers of eyeliner as you would a normal eyeliner. When still wet, apply the eyelash strip making the magnets attract to the eyeliner line. You have time before the eyeliner dries to adjust the eyelash strip if not applied correctly on the first go.

The magnetic eyelashes that stick to each other are slightly more fiddling to apply. I used tweezers to help the first time around I used them. I found that applying the upper eyelash strip first made it easier. It can balance on your own lash strip whilst applying the bottom eyelash strip waiting for them to “click” together.

The most recent magnetic eyelashes I tried from Ardell comes with a special applicator making it a lot easier. The tool has similarities in design to an eyelash curler. You simply add the upper and lower eyelash strips to the upper and lower prongs and then press them together with your eyelashes in between. So much easier and neater than using your fingers and tweezers.

Have you tried magnetic eyelashes? What do you think to the ones I’m wearing? Have you got a favourite brand using false eyelashes?

Jennie xx

*PR sample. I was kindly sent these two kits from False Eylashes to include in a blog post. Photos, words and views are as always my own.