Christmas Beauty Gift Ideas

It’s November which means it’s officially safe to talk about Christmas. I was naughty and mentioned Christmas last week already when I wrote about a couple of restaurants in Leeds and their Winter/Christmas Menus. This week, because The Body Shop is reopening in Leeds tomorrow and because I can’t wait to let you know about myshowcase, I’m sharing my first post on Christmas gift ideas, and these are for the beauty lovers.

Beauty gifts from The Body Shop

The Body Shop is full of gift ideas, all year around and it’s no secret I always buy some Christmas gifts from here. They say you should buy what you would like to receive yourself and I could happily own everything from The Body Shop, so I can’t go wrong here. This year (tomorrow in fact) The Body Shopw is opening up their first concept store and they’ve chosen Leeds as their UK location. It’s all very exciting indeed so I’ll be there with bells on tomorrow to check it out. Ever since the preview event I went to, together with fellow Leeds bloggers, I’ve been counting down the days.

The Body Shop #WildAboutLeeds event

For the preview event, they had decorated Lamberts Yard with tropical plants in massive animal print urn vases and wild animal statues (a panda and a zebra). It looked awesome and the beauty and makeup counters looked very impressive too. If the new store will look anything like this, we’re in for a treat!

I have a lot of beauty and makeup products already from The Body Shop but each year there is a new range launching or I discover a products I’ve not before come across (how is that even possible). At the beauty counter, I was introduced to this Himalayan Charcoal Mask (£15) and I’m so buying that for myself and possibly for someone else for Christmas. The mask felt cold and soothing on my skin, with a tingly feeling letting me know it’s doing its work well. After 10-15 minutes it was time for wash off and instantly my skin was beautifully dry and rejuvenated.

The Body Shop products

At the makeup counter, I was introduced to new eye shadows and lip glosses. I can’t wear eye shadows which is sad. No matter which primers I use, they never last longer than two seconds. Even waterproof eye shadows like The Body Shop’s Eye Colour Sticks (£8) won’t help. Never mind, they’re still great as Christmas gifts. So are the Matte Lip Liquid lip colours (£6). I prefer matte finish when I use darker colours on my lips so this shade is on my Christmas wishlist already.

Of course, you can’t spend a Christmas without buying someone a body butter (£6/50ml, £14/200ml). The Christmas range is back out and up till Christmas, the Leeds store lets you personalise your body butter lid. Is there a better gift than a personalised gift? Nope, didn’t think so!

Beauty gifts from myshowcase

myshowcase is a beauty company I’ve not heard much about until lovely Emma who works for them got in touch. She invited me and a couple of other Leeds bloggers to a showcase event of hers where we could get to know more about myshowcase, who they are, what they do and how Emma works. It was a great intimate event where we got a chance to ask lots of questions and also be introduced to some of the top brands and products they work with.

myshowcase blogger event

Basically, myshowcase works on the same basis as Tupperware and Ann Summer parties but instead of focusing on one brand/product, myshowcase stock plenty of beauty brands, 50 odd or so. Emma customises the parties you want to host to suit your theme and guests but if you would prefer a one to one session, Emma can cater for that too. If you don’t like being approached in beauty stores or you’re a bit timid to ask for help, myshowcase is a great option and also a fun Christmas idea. Why not throw a Christmas beauty party for your friends or book in a one to one session for someone to enjoy in the new year.

At the event I found a couple of things to add to my own Christmas wishlist but also products to give away. What fascinated me the most is the Botanical Cream Deodorant from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare (£18). A cream deodorant, well that’s something new, not only for me but to the world. It’s such a nice concept as the cream dissolves in to a powder once applied and by applying it with your fingers, you’re not only moisturising and preventing smell from the armpits but also checking for potential lumps. Lovely idea but the smell is questionable, it reminds me too much of foot cream.

myshowcase products

I also fell in love with Glo & Ray’s Ballon Pop Eyeliner Set (£28). Gorgeous colours and for someone like me who can’t make eye shadows stick, eye liners are a great way to bring colour to the eyes. The red, yes you heard right, the red eyeliner (Rosy Candy) is based on Marilyn Monroe and her trick of making the eyes pop with a little red dot at the inner corner of the eye. It’s fun to think I used to use red lip liners when I was a teenager as eye shadows. I wanted to be a bit edgy and little did I know, so did Marilyn Monroe.

For the nail art fans, Tweexy (£17.94) is the best Christmas gift ever. It’s a little silicon nail polish bottle holder ring, available in pink, blue and green. So clever and surprisingly sturdy. Finally, we can apply nail polish whereever we want.

So there you have it, my favourite Christmas gift ideas for beuaty lovers. Which of these are on your Christmas wishlist? Check out The Body Shop and myshowcase websites for more gift ideas and gift boxes.

Jennie xx