Tesalate Beach Towel

Summer is around the corner, or at least I hope so. The weather has been very up and down lately, not being able to make up its mind. The Easter bank holiday weekend was glorious and I hope that sun and heat will come back. I want the heat wave summer we had last year. I have prepped my body for it! When warmer weather comes, I can comfortably walk around in light clothes and tan wearing only a bikini on the beach balcony or outside on the grass. Yes, loosing weight and toning up at the gym has definitely helped but there are products out there to help you get beach body ready and and feel fab, whether you’re showing off more skin or not.

Beach Body Ready Products

Tropical Coconut Sugar Scrub, Pureanada*

Foundation is everything! During summer months, I find myself exfoliating more often as I don’t want to get a patchy tan, natural or by using a fake tan. This sugar scrub from Pureanada, via Live in the Light, is different to other sugar scrubs I’ve previously experienced. It’s less watery and has a more creamy consistence. I found that you need quite a lot to cover the whole body. I think I did the mistake of applying when my skin was wet. Next time I’ll try it on dry skin and then was off. Either way, the skin feels super soft after using and smells slightly of coconut which is great.

Pure Sugar Scrub

Self Tanning Mist with Bonzer, Norvell*

I don’t know about you but I always feel conscious leaving the house with white legs when the sun starts to show. But how else can they get brown, unless they’re exposed to the sun rays? It’s a catch 22 phenomenon. To help, getting a fake tan is a good idea. You can still tan through the fake tan so hopefully by the time it wears off, you have a natural tan underneath.

The latest fake tan I’ve tried is from Norvell. It’s a fake tan mist, rather than mouse which I’m used to. I liked the idea of not having to use a mitten and hopefully speed up the applying time using a mist. It advises to use it in a well ventilated room so I went for the shower. I’m glad I did as even though I applied it carefully to my skin, lots went elsewhere but it was easy to wash out the bathtub.

The product includes an anti orange formula and unlike other tanning products doesn’t give away that funky smell some can have. I need more experience spraying myself as it was difficult to apply evenly and knowing which parts I’d covered or not. I didn’t look ridiculous or anything but unless you have someone to help you out, I’d stick to tan mousse for now for a more even finish.

Norvell Tanning Mist

Coco Cocktail Creamy Shower Foam and 2 in 1 Bodyspray, Bilou*

Products with a promise to sweeten your day and they do indeed! They smell amazingly of coconut and Madagascan vanilla and leave you with the same scent after use. I love coconut flavours, it can’t get more summery than that. The vanilla scent is very subtle, not giving it a sickly but gentle sweet smell.

I’ve only recently heard of bilou, a fairly new body product name which I’m glad to have surfaced. The design is both cute and sleek. The products are vegan and although the shower foam includes alcohol, the body spray does not. They both act as moisturisers, leaving your skin nice and smooth, using ingredients like Aloe Vera, almond oil and avocado.

I love the shower foam, it’s so much fun spraying on to your body after giving it a decent shake. I was hoping it would spray out like liquid to quickly turn into foam but it’s foamy straight away. The bodyspray is like assumed a clear mist suitable to spray all over your body. It can also be used as a deodorant, hence the 2 in 1 name. This bodyspray is perfect to use during summer as wearing alcoholic perfumes and deodorants in the sunshine can leave dark patches on your skin.


Tesalate Beach Towel*

Once your body is ready, it’s time to hit the beach, but not without a decent beach towel. Australia is full of beaches and sunshine so it doesn’t surprise me that Australians know what type of towel is the best. There’s nothing more annoying than coming home from the beach to find lots of sand in your bag and eventually all over the house. enters Tesalate.

Tesalate towels are sand free but also ultra absorbent and only takes half the time of normal towels to dry. I have similar mini towels for the gym and they’re great. The towel comes in a small bag which it fits in nicely and hardly takes up any space. I love the different designs and couldn’t resist picking the one with sugar skulls on. All towels have the same monochrome pattern on the other side for those days when you’re feeling less adventures. I’ve not taken this to a beach yet but I hope to in summer. So far I’ve used it when hanging outside in the grass.

Tesalate Beach Towel

How are you getting beach body ready? Have you got a different skin care routine over summer compared to the rest of the year?

Jennie xx

*PR samples. All views, photos and words are my own