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Where you one of the lucky people to attend BBC 1Xtra Live in Leeds the other weekend? The event sold out quickly so I was lucky to get my hands on a ticket, being invited by Three. The hook? – try Samsungs latest phone to snap pictures and videos during the performances.

I’m already using Three so I know they’re good for signal and other great offers such as free UK calls, data and texts when going abroad. It was one of the selling points convincing me to swap from EE. I love photography and mostly I use my iPhone 6 for it but my parents think their Samsung phones take equally good pictures so I was happy to try out Samsung 6 to see if there is any truth to what they’re saying.

Samsung S6

This phone is slightly bigger than my iPhone 6, something I immediately struggle with having such small hands. It does have a lot of touch and button functions which help you overcome this problem so no need to stress. Apparently there’s even a version of the phone especially designed for women – technology these day hey… Still, I prefer the size of my phone because it fits nicely in most pockets.

Selfie Mode

Samsung has a slight advantage when taking selfies. You can press any part of the screen and the picture is taken. With my iPhone I sometimes struggle holding the phone in a certain angle trying to press the camera button. With the whole screen acting as a camera button I can overcome this but as you can imagine, and what happened to me a few times, a lot of pictures will be taken by accident with this feature.

Samsung Selfie Mode

I also liked the Beauty feature which lets you decide how smooth you want your skin to look, or air brushed if you like. In other words, no filters needed before uploading to social media. Btw, there are no filters nor any editing on any of the pictures in this post.

Selective Focus Mode

My favourite Samsung feature is the selective mode which lets you take pictures of an object and after decide where you would like the focus to lie and which parts to blur out. I really want this function on my own phone, I would use it loads!!!

Samsung Selective Focus Mode

What I Wore

I knew dancing would be involved so I straight away scrapped the idea of wearing high heels. Considering the type of music being played I thought it was ok, if not even compulsory, to wear my Nike Air Max. Continuing on the dance theme I thought comfy jeans would be another safe bet. I combined these with a plain grey t-shirt but flashed out a little with a maxi blazer and a massive red bangle, which I complimented with red lipstick.

BBC 1Xtra Live Outfit

T-shirt – Warehouse | Jeans – River Island | Maxi Blazer – Gina Tricot | Nike Air Max – JD Sports | Bangle – Vintage Fair

Leeds Arena

I’ve been to Leeds Arena for a gig once before, to see Manic Street Preachers. It was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Of curse because they’re such a great band but also due to the atmosphere the arena creates. Wherever you are in the arena, the sounds is perfect!

That time around we stood right at the front, becoming one with the songs. For this event, we had seats almost as high up as you can BUT we still saw really well and I didn’t fee like we missed out on anything, possibly air – it got really hot in there. I’ve got no idea how the artists survive performing in woolly hats and winter coats.

The line up for the evening was really good, and that’s me not knowing a whole lot about the artist prior to the show but I have heard a few songs from almost all of them before. I’ve only included my favourites in this post but all the sets can be found in full here, together with the set lists.


I only heard about Miguel a few weeks ago when he was interviewed on a Swedish talk show I watch weekly. He seemed like a really genuine and clever guy and I like the song ‘Waves’ which he performed on the show. He started us off at BBC 1Xtra Live and I was pleased to find out I like all of his songs. He’s very energetic on stage with a lot of dance moves and knows how to dress in a white jacket with feather details. Great start to the evening getting the crowd going.

Miguel at BBC 1Xtra Live Leeds

Natalie la Rose

The only female singer during the gig. Natalie is from the Netherlands and you could tell on her American pronunciation of Amsterdam, so cute! I’ve heard her song ‘Somebody’ loads on radio before and I love it. Probably because it reminds me so much of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. During the performance I got Beyoncé vibes and I couldn’t take my eyes from Natalie’s perfect hair. I’m a fan of the 90’s which most of her songs remind me of so a good time for me. I did however hear later that she mimed a lot – not on during live performance!

Natalie La Rose at BBC 1Xtra Live Leeds

Flo Rida

We were all surprised Flo Rida came out so early during the night but maybe more chocked about me not realising till this night his stage name is also the state name, Florida. Duh, sometimes I’m so silly! Great set of course and perfect time for me to really put the phone camera to test when the colourful laser lights came on. I loved it and I’m sure everyone else did too.

Flo Rida at BBC 1Xtra Live Leeds

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah was probably the biggest name drawing the crowd to come to Leeds for this event. He’s certainly the one with most music awards and one of his songs ‘Turn The Music Louder’ is the most popular on iTunes as you read this. He even brought out Katy B on stage to sing it with him – great moment! I think he did a smart move sandwiching his performance with an early start of  ‘Earthquake’ and ending with “Written In The Stars’ and ‘Not Letting Go’.

Tinie Tempah at BBC 1Xtra Live Leeds

Unfortunately by this time I had run out of battery experimenting with the phone so all images and videos of Tinie Tempah are taken with my iPhone which should give you an idea of difference in image quality and video sound.

I had an amazing night so thank you Three for inviting me last minute. It was great meeting everyone else invited and I hope to see you all again soon.

I’m happy with how the pictures and videos turned out (although they did look better in the phone when taken). As always it takes a while to get used to a new phone and camera so with some practice I could probably do even better. Have you got a Samsung? What are your tips and trick for taking good pictures?

Did you go to BBC 1Xtra Live in Leeds? If so, what did you think?

Jennie xx