Thanks to this year’s Cocktails in the City event, I’ve discovered a couple of bars in Leeds I’d like to visit which I haven’t had a chance to yet. With so many new places opening up on a weekly basis it’s hard to keep up. Cocktails in the City is the perfect event to get most of them gathered under one roof and the opportunity to try different cocktails from different bars.

Vice & Virtue

At the Cocktails in the City event, Vice & Virtue served me my favourite cocktail of the evening – a Yorkshire Lass. It also won the jury’s votes for the venting and I believe also the big poll after the weekend had finished. It’s not often I agree with the majority but how can you not like gin, lemon, apple, rhubarb, egg white and white chocolate combined?

Yorkshire Lass Vice & Virtue

Vice & Virtue is a prohibition inspired cocktail lounge, in the Northern Quarter, opposite Belgrave.


I first heard of this restaurant a couple of weeks ago when my colleagues were talking about it and I thought they were on about tattoos, ha. A couple of nights later I saw  their bar at Cocktails in the City decorated with skulls so I had to go over. Their cocktail for the evening was a sweet, fizzy drink served with dry ice. Lots of sweet flavours like lychee, lemon, lavender, strawberry and bubblegum but the fizziness took away some of it. I’m not a massive fan of sickly sweet cocktails but this worked.

Tattuu Skull Candy

Tattuu isn’t opening up till June but with a modern twist on Chinese cuisine I bet it’ll have queues lining up quickly.

The Hedonist Project

I’ve set foot in The Hedonist Project once before, only a quick visit to pick up a couple of friends for a different event. I’d love to come back at another time as it seems like a very fun filled bar, at least that’s the impression I got at the Cocktails in the City event. Their strawberry smoothie was a great finish to the delicious food from Gondola Raclette I had. I wouldn’t have mind a little bit more rum in the smoothie to make it perfect but hopefully a visit to the bar and that will change.

The Hedonist Project Strawberry smoothie

The Hedonist Project is located on New Briggate, next door to Smokestack. They change theme and interior every three months so a visit here should never be the same.

I could make this list a lot longer but should probably spend my time visiting them rather than talk about them. Which bars in Leeds would you like to visit. Have you got any other new bars to recommend? Cocktails in the City is still touring around the UK so make sure to attend if they’re anywhere near you.

Jennie xx