Balance Me Super Moisturing Body Wash

I’ve found a new great body wash.  Glamour introduced me to Balance Me – Super Moisturising Body Wash. It’s great that magazines offer product samples from different beauty brands. it happens more or less all the time and if you’re lucky you can get your hands on really good things. For April’s latest Glamour they’re giving away Balance Me products when buying a copy. the four different products are Pure Skin Face Wash (worth £11), Radiance Face Mask (worth £12), Tinted Lip Salve (worth £12) and Super Moisturising Body Wash (worth £6) which I got my hands on.

Yellow bottle on Glamour magazine

Balance Me

I’ve already got the face wash and an eye cream from Balance Me which I got during my subscription to Birchbox so that’s why I wanted to try something different. I couldn’t find the Lip Salve (might buy another magazine when I see one) but the body wash looked really appealing in it’s lovely yellow bottle.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash

So the bottle itself is all yellow, happy and spring like so you would think that’s the case for the actually product too and luckily it is. It gives exactly what it promises in the name, a moisturising body wash. I normally have to apply body lotion straight after having a bath or shower but I believe I would have been able to skip that step after using this.

Balance Me yellow bottle Balance Me yellow bottle up close

It leaves the skin soft and no tightening feeling afterwards. However I’m not to keen on the actual scent so I still used a body lotion afterwards to cover that up. I suppose it’s just a matter of habit not caring too much for a natural scent. This reminds me a lot of a lip salve my friend used to wear all the time, I believe it was Elizabeth Arden.

The body wash is a transparent gel which is really easy to apply on your wet skin. It doesn’t give off a foam but instead show as a white lotion on the skin. It’s equally easy to rinse off as it is applying. You don’t need a lot so I can see it lasting for a long while.

Apart from the scent I really like Balance Me’s Super Moisturising Body Wash and I’ll be using it more often. It’s good for my dry skin and feel very balanced after using it too. Another cute touch is that the bottle can be recycled and it’s shown by using the arrowed logo but slightly shaped as a hear.

Have you tried Balance Me’s Super Moisturising Body Wash or any other of their products? What do you think of it?

Jennie xx