Autumn Wishlist

Autumn is officially here. I’m not too happy with summer already being gone as I love the heat (we’ve actually had lots of nice days here in Leeds this summer) and the light. I’m not really ready for darker mornings, evenings and colder damp weather. Winter will stay till February so it might as well wait a little bit longer.

What I do look forward to though, is layering up, wearing warmer clothes and not feeling guilty about staying in on any given evening or weekend. I do have a few things I’d like to help me get through the darkness and I’ve added them all to my Autumn wishlist.

Autumn Wishlist

1. Knitwear is a given in Autumn. When it comes to dresses, I prefer a finer knit or I’ll get really, really warm. I love my stretchy pencil skirts that finishes around calf length and I’d love to wear a similar, more autumnal. Enters, this dress. I’d love to wear this with tights and ankle boots, or if it’s a warm autumn day, skip the tights. Best bit!, it’s so cheap as well: £25 from JD Williams.

2. I’ve not owned a proper perfume in a long while. I usually buy a bottle around Christmas time, when the gift sets are on offer, or in the January sales. I love perfume but it’s sometimes quite pricey to buy. I’ve had my looks on this Poison Girl scent from Dior since it came out and hopefully later this year, it’ll be mine! (fingers crossed the price will drop massively). Currently £45 in Boots (30ml).

3. Ever since Ushiwear had their pop-up store in Trinity Leeds, I’ve been thinking I should get a colourful hoodie from them. I absolutely loved the 80’s feeling they gave me when attending their blogger event, and for Autumn, there’s nothing better than to curl up on the sofa in an oversized, cosy hoodie. I’m hoping the Harlequin model will come in soon, or I’ll have to get one like this instead. £40 for men and women’s style.

4. Who doesn’t love candles? And who doesn’t love avocados? These candle tealight holders are gorgeous! I first saw them when a colleague was gifted them from a friend of hers. I immediately checked out the designer, Pippa Choy, and it turns out she’s based in London, which makes these tealights somehow even cooler.

5. Zoella’s products have been shouted about for ages but I’ve never actually bought one myself. Reading other blogs always gives inspiration for what to do, create and buy. Holly from Closing Winter had tried one of Zoella’s Bath Fizzers in one of her beauty posts and I decided then (still not been to a Superdrug store…) that I wanted to try one. I now have my own bathtub and it would be silly not to make use it. This is Le Fizz fragranced Bath Fizzer, from the Sweet Inspiration collection (£5 at Superdrug).

6. Leggings are the best! Wearing them is as comfy as a pyjamas but you’re allowed to wear them in public, looking fashionable. Not without a skirt, dress or a long top though! I don’t understand those who wear them as trousers (sorry if you’re one of them but no, it’s a big no!). I really like the look of these fake leather leggings. They also look super comfy and though I’ve tried others before, I think these would be better because, one: I’ve lost weight since then and two: these are half leather (at the front) and half jersey (at the back) which will give them a bit of a stretch and be easier to sit in. £19.99 at bonprix

7. Ever since I saw Diana (another lovely blogger) wear this raincoat, I imagined myself wearing it too! We all know Autumn is full of rain so what could be better to invest in than a super cool and colourful raincoat? I’ve got a practical raincoat already but for days when I want to look more fashionable, this would be spot on. So far, I’ve only owned underwear from Simply Be but I’ve heard good things so i’m sure this is a good quality and will last a couple of seasons. Available in yellow and indigo for £50.

What do you look forward to approaching darker and colder days? What’s on your Autumn wishlist this year?

Jennie xx