Arts Restaurant Leeds

Arts Restaurant, former known as Arts Cafe, on Call Lane has a new head chef and I was invited to try their new menu, before its official launch. Arts has been around for 20 odd years and I’ve been a couple of times before. It’s the perfect lunch spot during a full day of shopping but at night turns into a cosy high end restaurant. It’s actually interesting how it’s doing so well, surrounded by mainly bars, but the truth is, the food is too good not to come back for more. If I thought the food was great when it was Arts Cafe, Simon Turner’s new menu is that little bit better.

Arts Restaurant A la Carte Menu

The a la carte menu consists of five our so dish options in each category: starter, main and dessert. I’d advice to go here for a three course meal as the portions are fairly small. I could easily have had two portions of my main. All dishes are beautifully presented which reminded me how much we eat with our eyes before getting a taste.

Arts A la Carte Menu


To start, I had the queen scallops. Beautifully served on a colourful bed of creamy avocado and Tiger’s Milk (citrus-based marinade). Perfect portion size, leaving you to want more. The pigs cheek croquettes is another popular starter choice. This too is beautifully presented, paired with variations of beetroot and smoked apple puree. Aside from a couple of salmon starters, these dishes were clear favourites on our table of twelve. All our plates were clean scraped within minutes.

Queen Scallops Pigs Cheek Croquette


I continued with the fish theme and ordered coley for my main. Simply but effectively presented in a deep bowl in vegetable juice with marinated courgettes. My favourite part is the tomatoes. They are beautifully cooked and bursting with tomato flavour. The same goes for the accompanying potatoes. I love that the side order of potatoes is a mix of different types, including black potatoes.

Looking across the table, all the meat dishes (lamb shank, pork ribeye etc.) look amazing. The cauliflower curry is gorgeously plated but the carrot tarte tartin perhaps the most filling.

Arts Restaurant Leeds Pork ribeye


The dessert menu list all our traditional favourites but with a twist. Cheesecake with apricot & cardamom and brûlée with green tea flavour for example. It was an easy choice for me to choose the dark chocolate and avocado ganache and it does not disappoint. Beautifully presented, it could almost pass as a Halloween dessert with sugar glass shards and Yorkshire raspberry blood. The flavours are beautifully paired and the chocolate melts in your mouth. I may have had a bite of seconds from an extra plate that was left on the table. I also tried the pecan tart topped with clotted cream. As gorgeous as it looks and how well made it is, I could not stomach a full portion of it.

Dark chocolate and avocado ganache

Have you been to Arts Restaurant yet? What do you think to their a la carte menu? What’s your go to dessert on a menu?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited to Arts’ prelaunch menu event in return for this post. All photos, views and words are as always my own.