April is one of my favourite months. This because spring really starts to arrive and Easter, which is my preferred holiday, falls during this month. Easter to me is like Christmas but without the stress. You still get together with family over delicious food and eat lots of chocolate. I didn’t go back to Sweden over Christmas but instead booked tickets to go over Easter. As you know, that’s not possible now. I’m really sad a bout it but I can hopefully go in summer instead. I’ve decided to still have the extra days off work and celebrate Easter on my own, making the most of it as I possibly can.

From this, it won’t come as a surprise to you that I’ve therefor decided for an Easter theme for my April bullet journal setup. Just because 2020 currently is on hold/cancelled doesn’t mean I don’t have things to do and nothing to keep track of. I do!

Bullet Journal April Cover Page

I’ve kept the title page very simple and minimalistic. Instead of writing out the month in calligraphy like I normally do, I drew an Easter eggs for each letter of the month. Underneath, I added the calendar for the month. I wish I had more of a drawing talent to turn this into a more eye popping title page, covering the full page. Nonetheless, I think this design is pretty cute and a different way adding the monthly title than writing it out in calligraphy.

April Bullet Journal

April Monthly Spread

I decided that last month’s layout worked really well so I stuck by it this month too. As there are no events to add I splashed out and highlighted Easter and my days off work a little bit extra. To go with the title, I drew a little Easter bunny. What do you think to it?

The notes sections on the right hand side are the same, just slightly different design vise. I have only added an outline to each section to better separate them from each other.

April Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

April Trackers

I’m back again with drawing one individual image for each day in my April mood tracker. Following the cover page, I’ve stuck with the Easter egg theme. I’ve already decorated each egg with different patterns so they’ll look slightly different even if I have the same mood each day. If I can’t decide on one mood for each day, I can add more than one colour in different sections of the egg.

The daily tracker list of things I do is more or less the same. I’ve taken out a couple of things (reading and comment on blogs) as I don’t really do any of them. Sadly I’ve not got into the habit of reading this year. You’d think this lock down would give me plenty of opportunity but with still working from home, I’m even less interested than before.

April Mood Trackers

Weekly Spreads

With there not being any events happening or other social activities, I’ve decided not to include any weekly spreads this month. Instead, I’ll create a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks which I can tick off once done. I think that should be enough. There’s no need to take up space in the bullet journal, filling pages with empty daily boxes.

Are you still continuing with your bullet journal during COVID-19? If so, how have you setup your April bullet journal?

Jennie xx