Living Without a Phone

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been living without a phone. It’s not by choice but because my banks phone insurance company can’t do their job properly. I’ve been lied to for weeks and it’s no fun!

During this time, I’ve somehow managed to scrape by without a phone but I’m not entirely sure how. Without sounding materialistic, I don’t feel a phone is a luxury anymore – it’s a necessity! Being left without a phone, it got me thinking of the things I’ve been unable to do or having to go back doing the old school way. The first listing being the most crucial and the others more of a habit.

Phinexi phone case

Can’ts when living without a phone

  • Can’t call in case of an emergency
  • Can’t order takeaways
  • Can’t order a taxi
  • Can’t stay in touch with people who can only ring or text (don’t have social media)
  • Can’t use all the functions on Instagram or Instagram stories at all
  • Can’t waste time standing waiting in queues for various things
  • Can’t be anti social when hanging out with friends
  • Can’t last minute change time or place to meet up with friends
  • Can’t ring people on their birthdays
  • Can’t live tweet or Instagram what’s currently happening
  • Can’t send photos from changing rooms asking for a second opinion
  • Can’t download train/bus/flight tickets
  • Can’t last minute look up a recipe when food shopping
  • Can’t tell time (I don’t have a watch with functioning battery)
  • Can’t download new apps on my iPad (synced with Apple ID which sends a verification code to my phone number)
  • Can’t receive calls or texts so I hope no one important has tried to get in touch

I finally received my phone today but I won’t let the insurance company get away with how they’ve treated me over the last couple of weeks. The stress, the doubts, the not knowing is no fun at all!

Have you ever lived without your phone for a longer while? What did you find the hardest not being able to do? If you haven’t, what do you think you’d struggle the most with?

Jennie xx