Slug & Lettuce Tipsy Afternoon Tea

With International Tea Day being celebrated this weekend, Slug & Lettuce invited me to try out one of their afternoon tea options. Their new venue in Leeds is definitely worth a visit. They have recently taken over where Yates used to be on Boar Lane and the transformation is incredible. I never set my foot in Yates but I doubt it ever looked as classy, pretty and tasteful as Slug & Lettuce. It’s quite different to their location at Park Row, more hip is the best word to describe it.

Hello Gorgeous neon sign

It’s a vibrant place with lots of fun decor in a monochrome and pinkish colour scheme. Their birdcage booths are adorable, fully decorated with pink flower garlands an fairylights. They have a couple on the top floor and a single one half way up the stairs, between the two floors. This booth is separated from all other tables but a great spot if you want a bit of privacy and still being in the middle of all the bustle. Given two options of where to sit this was a no brainer choice.

Slug & Lettuce decorPink Flower Garland Slug & Lettuce Boar Lane Slug & Lettuce Leeds

Tipsy Afternoon Tea

I will be honest, I had no clue that Slug & Lettuce did afternoon teas but it’s definitely a great option if you’re looking for something affordable. They are only between £10-15 per person which is a really good offer. All three come with the same spread of sandwiches, scones and desserts but the drinks options vary from traditional tea to prosecco or cocktails. The cocktail version is the most popular as they have a very extensive cocktail menu. On this occasion, we decided on the Tipsy Afternoon Tea which includes two glasses of prosecco each. Very classy and slightly healthier…

Slug & Lettuce Tipsy Afternoon Tea Slug & Lettuce Afternoon Tea

A Selection of Sandwiches

The sandwiches aren’t your traditional cucumber sandwiches but instead served in a soft bun. The bread is really tasty and I prefer it to “toast” bread but the ratio bread and filling isn’t great. There’s a lot of bread. The filling’s though are a tasty in a varied selection of Tuna mayo & cucumber, Halloumi & avocado and Chicken & slow roasted tomato. We ended up leaving a lot of bread but you have to if you want to fit the next two courses, so much food!

Slug & Lettuce sandwiches


I have never seen squared shaped scones before but luckily the shape has nothing to do with the taste. I am not one for raisins or dried fruit in bakes so I was pleased to see that these aren’t stacked with it. I picked off a few but I was able to eat the rest without any problems. The clotted cream and strawberry jam made this the tastiest bite of the afternoon. I could eat scones all day. What do you put first, jam or clotted cream? I’m a clotted cream at the bottom and jam at the top kind of girl.

Bite-Sized Desserts

The desserts are definitely the eye catching pieces of the afternoon tea spread. They all look perfectly shaped and come in varied colours and tastes. My idea of dessert is definitely to have smaller bites of more than one option than a big slice of a one flavoured cake. This way you get to try more but it is tricky deciding in which order to devour them.

Slug & Lettuce dessert

I started with the Cookie crumb profiterole and finished with the Macaringue (a mix of meringue and macaroon). I don’t think I’ve ever had a profiterole before but it had a lovely taste. Because it’s so fluffy it feels like a light bite. The macaringue, again nothing I’ve tried before, is very pretty in pale pastels. It’s also very sweet, practically like stiff candyfloss. My favourite, even though really rich, is the Chocolate brownie. It goes really well with the fresh strawberries served on the side.

Slug & Lettuce

How are you celebrating International Tea Day this weekend? What’s your favourite on an Afternoon Tea? Have you ever been to Slug & Lettuce? Would you consider trying theirs after reading this post?

Jennie xx

*I was invited to come and try Slug & Lettuce’s Tipsy Afternoon Tea in return for this blog post. All photos, words and views are as always my own.