Afternoon Tea at Crafthouse

I keep a list of bars and restaurants in Leeds I’d like to visit and try their specialities. One being afternoon tea at Crafthouse, with free-flowing prosecco. It’s been on my list since Easter when I read blog posts from Victoria and Em Sheldon visiting and I thought it looked really delicious. And for a couple of extra pounds, drink as much prosecco as I can, what’s not to like? A few weeks back, Charlotte and I took an afternoon off work to experience it ourselves and I can happily tick it off my ‘To Visit” list.

Crafthouse Leeds Room dividerBoar Lane LeedsHoly Trinity Church Leeds

Crafthouse is located in Trinity, on the third floor, with views over the Holy Trinity Church and other Boar Lane buildings. Having a cityscape view is always nice, even though Leeds might not have the best, massive windows always add to the interior of a venue. Separating the space, Crafthouse has created room dividers using yarn as a harp pattern. I think this way of dividing a room is really clever as it keeps all the natural light coming in and despite being separated from other areas, you can still see the full venue.

Free-flowing prosecco Crafthouse Afternoon TeaColourful food Smoked salmon cone

So Crafthouse is a gorgeous place and so is the afternoon tea. To be honest, it’s not very different to a regular afternoon tea in terms of what’s served, but the presentation is. A cucumber sandwich sure is more fun to eat when the bread is of an eye catching yellow colour and the ham sandwich unusually pink. The coolest savoury snack however is the salmon cone. A black mini smoked salmon ice cream cone. I thought the ones at Dine’s event earlier this year are cute but these sure top those by being black. Such a striking effect!


Scones are always a given during afternoon tea and these have the perfect size. Scones are very filling but too good to leave behind Sized small like these, there’s still room for the sweeter pieces. It’s not the best scones I’ve had, sorry, but for sure the cutest. I had difficulties cutting the first evenly so I ate it as a burger filled with clotted cream and jam and it worked. Best bit, they’re not loaded on raisins or sultanas. Unpopular opinion – I don’t like fruit in cakes and bakes.

Sweet treats

To finish off we enjoyed three different sweet treats; salted caramel macaron, raspberry tart and chocolate choux bun. I can’t decide between the raspberry tart or salted caramel macaron being my favourite so my last bite was a combination of both.

If you’re looking for a nice relaxed afternoon indulging in bakes, savoury ice cream cones and lots of prosecco this afternoon tea is for you. Note that the free-flowing prosecco is only available for two hours and the menu might change ever so slightly from time to time.

Where else in Leeds is good for afternoon tea? I’ve previously been to Jameson’s and Dine in Roundhay which both are really nice. I’d love to try more and the quirkier the better.

Jennie xx