Nordgreen Women's Watch

Time is a weird concept. Sometimes it seem to never end and other days it escapes you. Since I received this gorgeous watch from Nordgreen a couple of weeks ago I’ve not been able to stop thinking about time. It has crossed my mind before but I had a conversation with a colleague recently and realised I haven’t had many milestone events since I went travelling in my late teens. It’s sad when I think about it but at the same time, I wouldn’t change it for the world. During those odd 15 years (yes I’m old!!!) I’ve had the privilege to spend my time on anything and everything that I want. I like my simple life and the things I decide to fill my time with. I’ve shared a list of those things but first, let me introduce you to Nordgreen.

Nordgreen Women's WatchScandinavian watchBlack leather watch strap

Nordgreen is a Scandinavian watch company who specialise in minimalistic watch design. They work with Jakob Wagner, Bang & Olufsen designer. A brand I’m sure you’ve all heard of. Not just delivering great design, Nordgreen likes to give back to the community which is fantastic. You can read about their CSR program here.

I love this watch so much. I haven’t worn a watch in years but after receiving this, I’ve not wanted to take it off. It’s a watch I’ll never get bored of because of three simple reasons. 1) It has a black leather strap that matches with everything, 2) a clear watch face making it easy to tell the time and 3) a sleek design that’ll never go out of trend. It’s no coincidence I’d be wearing a Scandinavian made watch. I might be half English but you can never take out the Scandinavian minimalism out of me. If you too would like a Nordgreen watch*, they’ve kindly offered you guys 10% off with this checkout code: LIFESTYLEDBYJENNIE

Now, the list of things I like to spend my time on. In no particular order.

Going to the Gym

The gym is the place where I feel most sane. Exercising in any type of form makes me forget about the rest of the world. All worries, troubles and stress is gone! If I could spend my time here all day, 24/7, I would. I can’t because of several reasons – need to make a living, it’s not good to exercise too much etc. but I try to go every day before work. It gives me the right energy kick before taking on the rest of the day.

Watching TV

This might seem boring and perhaps not very educational but it’s so nice to leave the world behind and live in someone else’s for a while. We all need to relax now and again and watching TV or Netflix is the best way for me. I love a good classic film, a criminal drama or interesting documentary. Whether it’s on the sofa or in my bed during early weekend mornings I always find something to waste my time on watching.


Blogging has been in my life for such a long time. I love it most of the time but I also have days when I can’t be bothered. It’s ok, I know I can always come back and they back on track when I feel like it. Just recently, I decided to only post once a week. I feel I need to take off pressure I’ve built up on myself posting twice a week but with everything else going on in my life and working full time, I just don’t have the time. I’d rather focus on making the one post I write more interesting than churning out two half arsed posts.

Like exercising, the blog consumes me and it’s all I can focus on in that moment when I sit down and write. It’s such a nice feeling and I don’t mind time slipping away from me when it happens. I would never give it up!

Eating out

Who here doesn’t love food? It’s not a coincidence that my blog has a lot of food related posts. I love experiencing new restaurants and new food experiences. There’s something special about being cooked for and not having to worry about the dishes. Luckily Leeds is a city full of different restaurants and more constantly opening up. I have a couple of favourites (Mr Benedikt Pike, Issho, Gusto and Bundobust) but I also like to go to once I’ve never been beforehand for a new experience. Any suggestions?


Travelling is something I’d love to do more. If it’s local destinations or to places far away doesn’t matter, I love exploring. I prefer city breaks but now and again a relaxing holiday soaking up the sun at a beach or pool is needed.

This year started off great with a mini trip to Amsterdam and over summer I went to Sweden to visit friends and family. A new destination awaits in September when I’m heading to Paris – for the first time. I’m so excited!! recommendations on what to spend time on there are more than welcome.

Hanging with Friends

Friends are the most important thing in the world to me. They make me who I am. From friends I’ve known since I was little to new that’s recently entered my life. There’s nothing better than hanging out with people who make you happy, make you laugh and who you can share anything and everything with. Some are fiends I meet up with regularly and other only a couple of times a year but when I do, it feels like it was only yesterday I saw them.

What do you like to spend your time on?

Jennie xx

*PR gift. All views, words and photos are as always my own. Thank you kindly Nordgreen!