One thing I very rarely update in my wardrobe is my activewear. It’s a shame really because normally I only go for black clothes but if there’s anywhere I don’t mind lots of colour, it’s on sports clothes. Saying that, the collage of new activewear I’m currently lusting over is a mix of safe colours as well as colourful. At least I have colourful trainers, fairly new as well so no need to look for more right now.

I’ve been good so far this year, keeping up with two runs a week and walking to work, so I’d like to treat myself. We shall see if one or two things from this list might become mine. I’ve looked in the shops I usually go to when it comes to fashion, and of course Sports Direct which has loads of fitness products.

Activewear Collage

1. I love the look of this hoody, it looks so comfortable to be wrapped up in, before and after a visit to the gym, or just to lounge around in at home. It’s very on trend in coral, the latest “in” colour which I think we’ll see throughout the year. You’ll find it online or in a Superdry store, which unfortunately makes it a bit too pricey for my budget (£59.99).

2. It’s not very often that I show myself in tank tops, I like to cover up my arms but now that I’m getting a bot more toned, one of these might be a good investment. Purple is a really nice colour, not too much out there but also a colour you find in many activewear clothing so it’s easy to match. This Nike tank top is from SportsDirect (£24.99).

3. I love these sports leggings from New Look. Monochrome colour always works for me and with the little purple waist detail they aren’t too boring. They would match nicely with the previous tank top and they’re so affordable (£12.99) so it would be silly not to invest?

4. Since I mostly go running when doing exercise, I can’t have too many running tops. This top is very simple, black and with white text on the sleeves. The text makes it look a lot more sportier than a simple black running top. They also have a white version with grey/silver text but that’s too bright for me. Buy it in H&M for £24.99.

5. What can go wrong with a slogan t-shirt? It’s nice to have something inspiring and just by looking at this, I won’t give up! I normally don’t like cotton t-shirts when it comes to exercise, the sweat soaks in, making it heavy, but this would be great for yoga or any other less sweaty activity. Really cheap (£6) from Asda George.

6. Now we’re talking, some really colourful leggings. I love this miss-matched pattern and the colours make me really happy, just what you need in order to stay fitness motivated. I love Gina Tricot but fear their activewear range might be too small for me. These leggings are €29,95.

7-8. I think I should include sports bras in my New Year’s Resolution. It’s one of those things that are the most boring to buy when it comes to sportswear. No one ever sees them (nope, I’m not brave enough to show off my belly whilst doing exercise) so why invest in fun ones? It is however important to support the bust, especially when jumping around and George Asda’s (8) looks really good – 3 in 1! Amazing offer as well (£8), whereas the more simple and old school bra comes to £19.99 from Sports Direct. I do like Nike when it comes to sports bras, they have always done the job right for me.

9. This running top is also from H&M and comes to £29.99. It’s got a hood which is great for rainy or a bit colder days. Funnily enough, I don’t own a running top with a hood so at the minute, this is at the top of my list for activewear.

So there you have, my 9 actovewear cravings right now. Do you go to the gym, run or any other exercise? What activewear are you currently lusting over?

Jennie xx