Sumo Deadlift

In September this year I decided that I needed some guidance in reaching my fitness goals. I want to loose 7-10kg and tone up my arms. Since April last year I have been attending the the morning gym class 3-5 times every weekday. I have cycled to work for years and since two years back, I also stopped eating all the snacks and treats that’s on daily offer at work. Since, I’ve seen a progress in that I feel fitter and healthier and I have also noticed a slow weight loss. Still, I didn’t feel it was enough and I knew that although I’ve stopped eating snacks in the office, the rest of my diet isn’t the best. Decision made, knowing it would burn a big whole in my wallet, I signed up to a personal trainer.


Achieving Fitness Goals

I’m now six weeks in to the training and diet schedule that Andy has set up for me and I can already see a massive improvement. Talking numbers: I have lost 5kg, gone from 52kg to 60kg in sumo deadlifts and 7.5kg to 10kg in bench press. Looking at clothes: I have dropped a size in gym leggings and tights. I’ve always been a size L, for as long as I can remember, so being able to comfortably fit in size M is a wonderful feeling. My jeans now need a belt, three holes further in than previously. I can feel that my upper body is toning up and I’m starting to feel both biceps and triceps in my arms.

Glutes Warmup

Rewarding Fitness Goals

Normally when reaching goals or having a good day I would celebrate with a nice meal, cocktails or sweet treats. None of that anymore, but awards are still important. Instead of food based treats, I reward myself with new clothes or something else I really need or want. There’s something really satisfying buying smaller size clothes which fit well on your “new” body. I also have to invest in new gym gear. I was kindly sent this Camryn set* of leggings, sports bra and hoodie from Fabletics’, designed by Demi Lavato. The leggings are so comfortable, with a super high waste which is perfect for lunges, squats and deadlifts. The hoodie is super comfortable and a jumper I wouldn’t mind wearing day to day as well. Sadly the sports bra don’t fit properly so I only use it at home underneath lounge wear instead of a tight wired bra.

Sumo Deadlift

Changing Routines

The biggest change for me lies in the diet. I eat a lot healthier and my meals and portions are more evenly spread out through the day. Actually, I’m eating more than before, just the right things. I’m not keen on lifting weights but I knew it has to be done. Together with a PT I feel much more at ease in the gym and hopefully one day I can do it on my own. If you’re thinking of getting a PT, make sure it’s someone you can be yourself with and feel comfortable with. I picked Andy because I had heard good things from other clients and also seen his clients’ results which he shares on Instagram. If you’re based in Leeds, I can’t recommend him enough. He also does online coaching if you prefer. More info on Facebook, website coming soon!

Bicep pulls

Setting New Fitness Goals

With such quick progress in the last couple of months, I’ve decided to set myself a third goal. I’d like to be able to lift my own body weight in sumo deadlifts. This means I need to add 5kg on the bar and to loose another 5kg in weight, all before Christmas. I know that I can do it!

Jacobs Ladder

Have yo got any fitness goals? Do you train with a PT or on your own? How do you reward yourself when making progress?

Jennie xx

*PR gift. All views, word and photos are as always my own.