Welcome to my blog – Life Styled by Jennie. I’m Jennie and this is my lifestyle blog where you can read about my adventures, food I eat, my style and other fun stuff I get up to. I’m based in Leeds so most activities and restaurants are based here but I love to travel so don’t be surprised to see other destinations mentioned. I’m trying my best to post weekly but sometimes life gets in the way. I work full time so only have time to write and take photos in my spare time.

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I previously blogged in Swedish but in 2015 I took the decision to blog in English and I wanted to start all fresh, therefore www.lifestyledbyjennie.co.uk.

I love most of the things in this world, in particular food, music, photography, fashion (especially shoes), travelling, connecting with new people but foremost building on my existing relationships with family and friends. I also try to live a healthy lifestyle so fitness posts will sneak in now and again.

All of this will be shared here on my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it. Please do feel free to leave comments or why not send me an e-mail. You can find my contact details here.

All the best and enjoy!

Jennie xx

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