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I never thought the day would come when I would want things in gold but it has. I’ve always preferred silver jewellery, accessories and little details in clothing. I still like silver and probably always will but lately, I really like gold too. It looks a bit more grown up and exquisite.

I’m really proud of my drinks trolley which I shared with you at the end of last year and I’ve shared fashion posts with gold accessories before as well. Since then, I’ve invested in more accessories with a touch of gold and I’m sure there will be more to come.

Gold accerssories

1. Trinkets have been popular for a while now and they’re such a good home interior accessory on i’s own or to keep things like jewellery and change on. In Next’s Boxing Day sale I bought these two as they’re perfect. I love monochrome, especially polka dots and for once I could find something with my initial on. Normally everything decorated with a J is the first to sell out.

2. For Christmas, I got a bath and body kit from Baylis & Harding where all bottles nicely designed in white and gold. It looks really luxurious and it makes me want to decorate my whole bathroom in gold and white. It looks so nice, fresh, clean and stylish.

Baylis & Harding

3. You might have seen Paige Joanna’s Instagram video sharing how to make your hair shimmer with Hair Dazzle. As soon as I saw the video, I ordered some of my own sparkly hair accessories in gold. I’m nowhere close to adding them to my hair as Paige Joanna but hopefully I’ll get there soon and I can share a picture with you.

4. I love a good miss match and contrasts, especially in architecture, interiors and fashion. I often wear black outfits and finish them off with really colourful trainers and shoes and lately, I really like the idea of contrast in jewellery. These bracelets go really well together; one thick and chunky and the other thin and delicate. The golden stars on both match really well. The chunky bracelet is from The Lifestyle Blogger UK* and the slim bracelet I bought at The Lighthouse Union Store at their event.

Gold bracelets

5. You also know I’ve been playing around with colourful lipsticks lately and I would love to add a gold glitter lipstick like this to my collection. Unfortunately, this isn’t real, it’s made of chocolate and edible glitter 🙂 It arrived in an invite for an event I’m attending this week. It’s such a cool idea and at first I assumed it was real lipstick until I read it contained nuts and milk.

What’s your favourite colour and accessories at the moment?

Jennie xx

*PR Sample. All views are my own.


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