Bullet Journal

I know I’m very very late to jump on the bullet journal bandwagon but I finally stepped on board and I can see this being a long journey so I hopefully haven’t missed too much.

Before I started my own, I of course researched to see what products others are using and how they go about planning their months. Rhianna has written a great post on hot to get started and her video also goes over what the symbols mean and a little bit of background to how the bullet journal got started. Her best tip was to check out Boho Berry and ever since I’m hooked. I’ve watched all her videos and I get excited every time there’s a new one out. Her voice, the music, the things she does is all so therapeutic – love it. I’ve also taken on a lot of tips and ideas for my bullet journal.

Leuchttrum 1917 lime green dotted journal

So I must admit what I like the most with my bullet journal is that I can get creative. I’m nowhere near an artist when it comes to doodling but I like playing with colours and writing pretty. However, the aim of the game with a bullet journal is to stay organised. I’m quite organised as it is but writing everything I need to do on a daily basis helps my head to stay less cluttered. It’s really satisfying going to bed knowing I’ve ticked off everything I needed to get done on that day but I don’t feel too bad should I need to postpone, life does get in the way sometimes and that’s how it should be!

Stationary I currently use

  • Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook in lime green
  • Staedler 0.3 mm pens in pink, lime green, light blue, yellow, orange and black (my main colour)
  • Tombow ABT pens (025, 873, N55, 451, 603, N75, 243 and 985)
  • Smiggle cupcake stickers

Spreads throughout the year

Books I've Read Bullet Journal

So far this is what I’ve dedicated my first couple of bullet journal pages to:

  • a three month overview
  • birthdays and other important dates calendar
  • an overview of my UK citizenship progress
  • books I’ve read
  • bars and restaurants I’d like to visit
  • things I want/need
  • ideas for my blog and Instagram

As soon as one of these pages run out of space, I’ll start a new one later in the journal. The ideas for blogging and social is bound to, a social well as the three month overview and things I want (greedy much).

Monthly Spreads

May 2017 Bullet Journal #PTLDoodles June 2017 Habit Tracker Bullet Journal

Following these evergreen pages, my monthly section start. I have 4 spreads that are static and I’ll most likely stick to for the next coming month, in one form or another.

  1. I decided to include a spread of the full month, including activities and events and on the side ticking off the blog schedule for the full month, as well as a list of things I know I’m waiting for. This can be blog things I’m being sent and also own orders.

  2. Following this spread, I really liked the idea of having a summery of the month by illustrating its nice memories. Next to this page I’ve included a monthly tracker which is filled out daily. I keep track on gym attendance, cycling to work, Instagram posts etc. I think this is my favourite spread so far so I’ll definitely keep this for coming months.

  3. Next, instead of doing a mood tracker (Boho Berry does the most gorgeous Mood Mondalas) I decided on writing a sentence each day as I thought it would give more detail. I don’t like it so will probably change this for next month.

  4. To help with improving my doodling skills, I was super excited to also have a spread taking part in Passion Themed Life’s monthly doodle challenges. I quit after the first day as May’s doodle challenge was too difficult for me. I can’t draw faces and also I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know all these Disney princesses and villains. Hopefully June’s challenge will be easier, or I might do Junes’ from last year which was Summer Time.

Dailies and Symbol Key

Dailies bullet journal

After these spreads is where’s my dailies start. I’ve played around with a couple of different headers for them and in June I’ll have one specific for each days of the week. Like Rihanna, I’m combining Saturday and Sunday as I don’t necessarily have to do some of the tasks on the Saturday over the Sundays, as long as it’s not an event, appointment or meeting of course.

Β· a task, such as ‘write bullet journal post’
ΒΊ an event, such as ‘gym in the morning
a happening you don’t complete or attend, such as ‘bank holiday’
–> a task that needs to be pushed back to another day
<– a task that has been scheduled for another time
x once a task or event has been completed
! or * if a task needs urgency mark with a star and if it’s important, with an exclamation mark
when a task or event is cancelled, simply cross it out

Mixed in between the dailies I have pages with ideas for a blog post, like the sandwich week post, recipes I’ve come across and want to keep, doodle practise, my Eurovision party plans etc. In June I’ll include a page on my travel plans later in the month. The topics and themes on everything is endless and totally up to you.

I’m excited to start June’s monthly plan as I have a few things I want to change up and make even more colourful. Yes, mistakes will happen and I doubt it’ll look 100% like I want but I’m a perfectionist so I’ll definitely try my best. I shall also invest in some washitape and more stickers and paper clips to make it look prettier and more efficient.

Have you got a bullet journal? Do you find it helpful? Have you thought about starting one but not yet taken the step?

Jennie xx