View over Knaresborough

When my friend from Sweden came to visit for a short weekend stay, we knew we wanted to spend one of the days out of the city. Living in Leeds there are so many options for days out but not always easily accessible unless owning a car. There are still plenty of places to choose from that are easy to go to on public transport, Knaresborough being one of those. I have been to Knaresborough once before, for their Christmas Market and fireworks display by the castle.  A lot colder and darker then so I got excited to go back and explore further and this time during daylight.

Knaresborough CastleKnaresborough Castle Knaresborough House in Knaresborough

Knaresborough did not disappoint. It’s a beautiful village with lots of architecture and scenic nature to admire. The viaduct is of course the highlight. It has a monumental presence which is unmissable to anyone visiting. This is the area where you want to be. Along the river are plenty of restaurants, ice cream parlours and cafes for any type of refreshments you desire. If you feel daring, hire a boat and go paddling up and down river Nidd. There are plenty of boats in different shapes and sizes to choose from, from around £6 per person.

Knaresborough ViaductView over Knaresborough Canoes KnaresboroughRiver Nibb Boat Hire KnaresboroughCanoes Knaresborough

I have seen in photos that Mother Shipton’s Cave is a popular destination. An area you only can access by paying £7 entrance. Something we didn’t think it was worth this time around but if you want to hear the story of Mother Shipton and take gorgeous snaps, do it! We walked along the river in the opposite direction instead, past the Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag which looks pretty cool. On the left hand side you see ‘The House in the Rock’ and further along the river, even more houses are literally built in to the rocks. Some impressive houses as well so if you like to get some inspiration for future homes, there’s plenty. Also, keep an eye out for very impressive tree art.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag The House in the RockRed IvyWoodsView over Knaresborough townTree art

Knaresborough is an old market town with a small centre. Expect cobbled streets, independent shops and old pubs in many corners. We ended up in So Bar and Eats which funnily enough on a Sunday didn’t serve traditional roast. I didn’t mind and the food we ordered was delicious. I had a burger with fried pickles, Swizz cheese and peppercorn sauce on the side. Definitely a step above traditional pub food.

So Bar and Eats Knaresborough

Have you been to Knaresborough? Would you go? Are there any similar towns you recommend I visit?

Jennie xx