I’ve been passing through Shoreditch plenty of times but never actually spent any quality time here. I’ve wanted to for a long time as I’ve heard nice things and from the little I’ve seen before been very intrigued. One day in November, I took my chance, after spending the evening before in London with work. I booked the following day off work and spent it in Shoreditch exploring. This is what I got up to.

What to do in the morning

The shops don’t open until 11am in Shoreditch so this area is fairly quiet before then. It’s the perfect opportunity for wall art hunting. I saw so many cool wall murals walking up and down the streets of Shoreditch. Some stay for a long time, whilst others are repainted on a regular basis. I was really upset that a graffiti painting of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker has been painted over by the time I got to the location. If you want to be one of the few to catch topical art, hang around Graffiti Life’s offices on Ebor street. There are plenty of other cool wall murals around this block too.

After all the wall art hunting I got hungry and headed to Homeslice Pizza for lunch. I got there just in time for when they open (12pm) and that was a good shout. It’s a popular lunch spot which filled up quickly whilst I waited to be served. If you like thin based pizza, this is the place to go. I enjoyed a Margherita (can’t go wrong with a classic) and a Mushroom, Ricotta, Pumpkin Seed & Chilli slice, both washed down with a half pint Camden Hells.

Homeslice Pizza Shoreditch Homeslice Pizza

How to spend the afternoon

Fuelled up on pizza, I was ready to tackle all the vintage shops along Brick Lane and its side streets and of course, Brick Lane Vintage Market. I think this is my favourite area of Shoreditch. I was a good girl and only bought one thing: a pair of Converse. How could I not when they were only £10 and look brand new.

Vintage shops in Shoreditch

I also checked out BOXPARK and Spitalfields Market. The latter hosts a market in the centre and on the outside it’s decorated with high street shops. It’s very pretty and perfect if you’re looking for a good looking shopping centre with personality with everything from food to a good vinyl bargain, all under one roof.

Spitalfields Market shops Spitalfields Market stalls

BOXPARK also has a mix of food places (top floor) and quirky shops (bottom floor). I had a quick browse but mainly came here for the ice cream. I’ve never before tried charcoal ice cream and although it doesn’t taste much, it looks cool in a photo. Anything for the gram and blog, eyh?! Soft Serve Society offers a couple of different ice cream flavours and toppings. I opted for the coconut and charcoal ice cream in a charcoal waffle, topped with popping candy and shaved coconut.

Boxpark Shoreditch Soft Serve Society

Where to go in the evening

By the end of the day I must admit I was tired from all the walking around and processing all new impressions. I just wanted to sit down so on recommendation, went to Burger & Beyond for dinner. Another popular place but the perk of dining alone, there’s always a spare seat at the bar.

Their burgers are incredibly looking but I wasn’t super hungry so went for a regular Cheeseburger and a side order of Fries, Bone Marrow Gravy & Cheese.  Since having Poutine (fries topped with cheese and gravy) at Leeds Trinity Kitchen earlier this year, I couldn’t resist.

Burger & Beyond ShoreditchBurger & Beyond

Full and content, I got the tube back to Kings Cross to catch the train to Leeds. I didn’t leave empty handed though. From Doughnut Time at the corner of Old Street Underground tube station I picked up two donuts. They’re not the best I’ve had (too sweet) but Biscoff biscuit flavour is a good shout for a donut.

Doughnut Time Doughnut Time donuts

I really want to go back to Shoreditch. I feel like I experienced most of it in one day but it would be nice to head back and focus on one area more in detail. For my next visit, where do you suggest I go?

Jennie xx