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I really miss being crafty. When I was younger I used to have loads of small projects going on but lately blogging is my main project and I don’t feel like I have enough space to take on bigger crafty projects. Hopefully one day I will, when I have my own place.

Last week I did however have a crafty Sunday afternoon and it was really nice. Hillarys had organised a crafty event, #hillaryscrafternoon, in Leeds with the help of The Crafty Hen and Joe Blogs.

No 1 Whitehall Riverside

Myself and fellow Leeds bloggers were invited to an afternoon at No 1 Whitehall Riverside to make a jewellery box and accessories decorated with Suffolk puffs. It was a really nice and relaxed, with moderation, afternoon. Because we had limited time to spend on each task some parts felt a bit rushed.


Hillary’s Jewellery Box

The first task on the day was to decorate pre-made jewellery boxes. To make it a little easier, the lovely ladies from The Craft Hen had prepared and cut out big enough pieces of fabric which we could choose from. Hillarys had set up a few mood boards to help us decide which style we wanted to pick from their Jewel fabric line.

Hillary's moodboards

There wasn’t a particular pattern which I warmed up to but in the end I decided to go for ‘Bohemia Gold’ and I also decorated the box with a bow, using dark grey ribbon and a black button. The inside we could either choose to make ring holders or included a divider to create more than one compartment for jewellery. I decided to leave mine as it is and use as a gift box instead.

Gift box

Suffolk Puffs Fascinator Headband

This bit I enjoyed a lot more. I’ve never made a Suffolk puff and I probably won’t in the near future either but there are so many things you can create and incorporate them with. The ideas where endless: key ring, hair clip, brooch, headband and fascinator which I made. I’ve never worn a fascinator before so when I saw the net fabric I just had to make one. I picked a headband, made two Suffolk puffs for decoration and black and purple net for the veil.

The Suffolk puffs are easy to make. We had pre-made circled templates in different sizes to cut out our fabric from. Once you have a circle you use small stitching all around the circle with double thread.  After that you pull the thread and the piece of fabric closes itself like a round dumpling and then you just stitch it up so it stays. For the two I made I chose one to have the plain side as up and the other I decorated with a black button to show the creases.

I wanted to use as much net fabric as possible and thanks to some thread and the glue gun it stayed on the headband really well. I used the Suffolk puffs to to cover up where the veil had been fastened. Now all I need to do is find the perfect occasion to wear it. The races and wedding seasons are over so maybe next year.

Fascinator with Suffolk puffs

Goody Bag

As we left we were given goody bags and yay!, once again a tote bag to add to my collection. I should probably clear out some of them and maybe give them away. Anyway, this one I will keep as it was specially made for this event, using Hillarys’ latest fabrics from the Jewel collection.

I picked a blue bag and inside it there was a Hillarys catalogue, a bag with jewellery parts to make my own earrings and to continue the jewellery theme, a RingPop which I have been enjoying whilst writing this post.

#hillaryscrafternoon goody bag

Learnings from #hillaryscrafternoon

This blogger event was a bit different to those I’ve previously attended and I enjoyed it. It’s not very often you get a chance to take part in activities and be creative. I really had to concentrate and push my creative mind to the limit. I’m happy I didn’t panic too much and that I feel satisfied with my creations. Double-sided tape is amazing, when you’re able to peel off the protected layer. Glue guns are so much fun but an easy tool to get carried away with and also, the glue burns on your fingers so be careful!

Thank you to Joe Blogs and Hillarys for inviting me.

Jennie xx