What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Mine is jumpsuits. Over the last couple of years, I’ve invested in a fair few. From shops I like but a couple are second hand finds. I thought I’d showcase my jumpsuits here and also give you five reasons as to why I love them so much. The only negative I have to say about them is that they’re a nuisance when you have to go to the toilet. Having to take it all off in order to be able to go to the toilet isn’t great. Make sure you don’t wait and go until you’re desperate. These five reasons outweigh that though.

They’re Comfortable

If a piece of clothing isn’t comfortable, I’m very unlikely to wear it. No matter how cool or nice a piece of clothing is, if it’s not comfortable to wear, I won’t look good in it. Jumpsuits are very comfortable. Most have a loose fit and nothing wraps around your body too tight. Most of them are made of light material so you’re never to warm or too cold. Almost everyone I own has pockets. Pockets are great and makes me feel more relaxed.

They’re Flattering

If you like me have a curve of the back, jumpsuits are great. They enhance your waistline and the gap between your back and bum is “tucked” in so you never look bigger than you are. All jumpsuits have different necklines as well so for example a v-neck or sweetheart neckline is great of you have a fuller bust like me. If you have tall legs, go wide legged, if you’re petite, go slim, if you have a small bust, go with a ruffled jumpsuit. Endless possibilities.

Polkadot jumpsuit from NextTropical Jumpsuit

They’re a Onepiece

Duh, yes of course they are a onepiece! But whats’s so good with that? Let me tell you, just like the benefit of a dress, you don’t have to worry about matching a top and bottom together. You only need one piece of clothing and you’re fully dressed. So if you’re struggling in the morning to think what to wear, putting on a jumpsuit solves that problem quickly.

There’s one for Every Occasion

You might think that jumpsuits are only for casual days but no, there’s a jumpsuit for every occasion. I have everything from a short legged one for fun summer days to an embellished one for glam parties. In between I own various jumpsuits suitable for different occasions. Lounging around at home or going out for a nice dinner.

Short legged JumpsuitEmbellished Jumpsuit

They’re Layerable

Layering clothes is great during transitional months and jumpsuits are perfect to layer up. I like to layer my spaghetti strapped jumpsuit. Either with a tight top or tee underneath. It works with most any patterns and colours. Or with a long sleeved jumper or knit on top. The latter is great for colder days making jumpsuits wearable in the winter time. It looks like you’re wearing a nice pair of trousers and a top.

Jumpsuit from MonkiJumpsuit layered with top underneathJumpsuit layered with jumper

What are your thoughts on jumpsuits? Are they a yes or a no go?

Jennie xx