Dublin Musts

A week ago, I went to meet up with my mum in Dublin for three full days of exploring. The first day was quite dull and it rained a lot but we still had a nice time. The following two days were gorgeous with the sun being out most of the time which made for more outdoor exploring and seaside adventures. After spending a couple of days in Dublin I’m not an expert but here are my five musts if you ever go.

Explore Howth

The highlight of our Dublin visit was venturing out to Howth, a small fishing village half an hour or so outside of the city. There are regular trains and buses going here, the latter all the way to the summit. The ride out was really nice, you can tell that the more wealthy people live this way and nearing the coast, palm trees and blue sea vouched for a lovely day out.

There are a couple of walking options along the peninsula Howth Head but as we weren’t really dressed for hiking, we only went up to its highest point and then back again exploring the village. It’s full of sail boats and fisherman ships and of course fish restaurants. The main lighthouse is on the opposite end of the head but the one in the harbour is really nice and worth admiring too. From it, you have a clear view of Ireland’s Eye which looks all green and vibrant in the sun but changes to looking dark and morbid in the shade.

View over Howth Howth harbour Howth lighthouse Howth

Bar Hop at Temple Bar

Dublin is expensive and especially in the tourist areas like Temple Bar. We paid €15 for two pints!!! Despite this, it’s worth visiting for all the colourful bars, flowers and flag decorations and of course the live music. Yes, you will most likely encounter loads more tourists than natives here but it’s still a great atmosphere.

Temple Bar Dublin street Dublin bars The Temple Bar

Walk along Liffey River

Liffey River (An Life) runs through Dublin, splitting city centre into two areas. It supplies the city’s water but against popular belief, it’s not used as an ingredient in Guinness. That water comes from the Dublin mountains. Anyway, the river is very impressive and beautiful to walk along. the further out you go towards the harbour, the more impressive Dublin and its waterfront seem. We didn’t manage to walk all the way out to the Poolbeg Lighthouse (6k) but if you have the stamina, it’s most likely worth a visit.

River Liffey The Custom House Dublin Dublin Docklands Samuel Beckett Bridge

Sample beer at the Guinness Factory

I’m not a massive Guinness fan to be honest but when in Dublin, there’s no escaping drinking it. Never does it taste as good as at the Guinness Factory. It’s an impressive brewery tour, starting with the ingredients at the bottom floor, followed by the making process, sampling, reliving their most successful marketing campaigns and either pouring your own pint or have one on the house at the top of the building, overlooking Dublin. In total, I think we spent three hours here. Although the Guinness went down well, I prefer their lager: Hop House Lager 13. One of the better lagers I’ve had in a long while.

Guinness temperature View from the Guinness Factory Pint of Guinness Fish on bike

Hunt for Street Art

Prior my visit, I’d heard and researched there’s quite a lot of graffiti in Dublin. I love graffiti if it’s really well done and after searching high and low, I found some really cool and colourful walls. they’r mainly inside the Temple Bar area or just outside on various side streets.

My favourite street art is definitely the Red Squirrel located at the Talbot Memorial Bridge. Artur Bordalo (Bordalo II) really takes street art to a new level bringing in waste as material to work with. From a far it looks like it’s been sprayed on but moving closer, the waste bits really shows.

Dubliner street art Graffiti Dublin Street Art Dublin Red Squirrel Dublin

Have you ever been to Dublin? What’s a must for you when going?

Jennie xx