In May, the Leeds Indie Food Festival is back. I heard lots of good things about last year’s but never looked into it that much to be bothered to go. Shame on me!!! I’m hoping not to make the same mistake this year.

Last week, I attended #LIF16’s press launch event to learn more about what to expect in this year’s festival and it sounds brilliant. It was nice to learn more about the festival (why it started etc.) but also to see that Leeds independent restaurants and bars get so much support from the council and other organisations. It’s similar to the backing the Leeds Fashion Initiative gets as well. I love that Leeds is so open and cherish different cultural initiatives.

I’ve not studied the whole #LIF16 schedule in detail yet but so far, these are my 5 musts (in no particular order) in this year’s festival.

Edible Art Show: City of Cake (Free)

Last year, Munro House teamed up with Tattooed Bakers and re-designed four famous art installations purely in cake. At the end of the festival, people were welcome to eat the sculptures. This year they’re teaming up again, also with Trinity Leeds, to create Leeds’ cityscape out of cake. I’m imagining this installation to be huge, apparently people can walk through it, but not sure how it’ll work. I really want to find out and if you feel the same, head to Leeds Trinity every day of the festival (14-20th May) to have a look. I’m not sure I’ll eat from it if everyone can walk through it and possibly touch it…

North Bar Magical Mystery Tour: The Leisure/Night Tour (£49)

North Bar owns six pubs, with different names, across Leeds and in surrounding areas. They’re running a bus tour, which takes 40 people or so, to visit all six different bars, serving delicious beer. This sounds like one of the better bus tour options out there, I want to go!!! Day tour on Saturday 14th May and night tour on 20th May.

#LIF16 Bus tour

Film: Chef: The Experience (£30)

I’ve not watched Chef, only bits of the film. As you can guess from the title, it involves a lot of food. Belgrave and Patty Smith’s have come up with the brilliant idea of serving all the food that is cooked in the film, at the time when it appears in the film. There are so many times I watch a film and start craving what the people in it are eating. This experience is bound to blow my mind. Catch it on the 18th May.

#LIF16 Film event

Sipsmith Gin and Cocktail Tasting (£30)

I love gin but I’ve never heard of Sipsmith Gin. The Maven has partnered up with them to put together an exclusive gin cocktail for #LIF16. On the 28th May the Simpsmith Gin team will talk about the history of gin and other interesting fact, whilst you get to sip copious of gin cocktails. Could I think of a better evening? I have been to The Maven before for a couple of different drinks launches (Blind Pig Cider and Mount Gay Rum) so I know this will be a good event.

#LIF16 Gin Cocktail class

Leeds Feast (Free entrance)

This is the event which closes the whole festival. Last year, The Tetley stood host but since more people are expected to attend, this year’s finish is hosted by three venues; Belgrave, Headrow House and North Brewing Co. This event will run over two days, Sat 28 – Sun 29 May from 11am to late. I really like the food event Belgrave throw the second Saturday every month and I expect this to be equally good but much bigger. I’m also excited to have a reason to go back to North Brewing Co.

For more info, timings of events and tickets, check out Leeds Indie Food’s website. Are you planning to attend any of the events in #LIF16 this year? Did you go last year? Let me know your recommendations.

Jennie xx