Food Places in Chicago

As I mentioned in my post about the best tacos in Chicago, I love exploring new food when I’m on holiday. Big Star wasn’t the only restaurant I went for food when I was in Chicago, they have plenty more restaurants to experience and I thought I’d share 5 of those with you in this post. These are the top five food places I think you shouldn’t miss when going to Chicago.

Giordano’s in Downtown Chicago

Chicago is known for their deep pan pizzas. I’m not really sure why but of course when visiting, this is a delicacy you can’t miss. Deep pan pizzas are served in many restaurants so not difficult to come by. My friend and her husband introduced me to a restaurant down their street, a chain that are know for their deep pan pizzas. As you can tell from the name ‘Giordano’s’, it’s an Italian inspired pizza restaurant.

I was really excited to see how the deep pan pizza would taste. I’m not a fan of thick crust on my pizzas, the thinner, the better. Turns out a deep pan pizza in Chicago is more like a quiche. It still had the thin crust, just a lot more toppings and cheese, lots of cheese. We ordered a half and half 10″ pizza and when it came out, it looked quite small but I can assure you it was enough between four people.

Deep Pan Pizza

Doughnut Vault in Downtown Chicago

I like doughnuts but I’m not a massive fan, I mean, I can live without them. Growing up, I didn’t really like them at all, maybe because it’s not a delicacy in Sweden. Here in England, I’ve had them a few times and even the packaged ones you buy in supermarkets are ok. The best doughnut I’ve ever had though is from Doughnut Vault in Chicago. It’s a tiny little gem on N Franklin Street. If you don’t know about it before going, you might not find it. The shop is tiny inside, only room for 4 or so people. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the inside of it so you just have to go yourself to experience that.

For being so small, they have a wide selection of different flavours and I was recommended to try the chocolate doughut. Oh my goodness, it was delicious!!! I’ve never tasted anything like it, didn’t even know doughnuts could or more importantly should taste like this. The dough was so fluffy and light and it was the perfect amount of chocolate glaze. I can promise you, it disappeared in only a few bites.

Chocolate glazed doughnut

Bright Wok in Downtown Chicago

I do like a good noodle! Bright Wok is a fairly newcomer to the food scene close to the area where the Art Institute of Chicago is. I spoke to a lady who lives in the are outside who said she’d not seen it before. The rest of the ares offer a lot of greasy fast food chains so it was an easy choice for me where to go. Such a bright and fresh decor and the food was cooked in front of me, always a good sign, so I can more than recommend this place.

Their menu might look limited but it’s not. They have a couple of suggested dishes which they recommend but you can pick and choose from all the ingredients yourself, to make exactly what you fancy. I love these kind of places: I see a dish I like but to me it would be prefect if I could leave something out and add something else. At Bright Wok, it’s possible!

BirghtWok Chicago

brobagel in Wicker Park

My housemates and colleagues know I would never go long without eating a bagel. I think it’s because it’s the only decent bread I can find in England. I’m not a fan of toast bread, unless for breakfast. Anyway, when I spotted brobagel during my day in Wicker Park, I knew I had to go in and try one.

They had lots of different toppings and bread to choose from. I love salmon on bagel so the filling was an easy choice and for bread, I tried something I’ve never had before: beer bagel. It was delicious! Really nice and flavoursome bread which added to the salmon and cream cheese filling.


Qing Xiang Yuan in Chinatown

When I went to Chinatown, i really fancied dumplings. I love all type of dumplings so when I was recommended by my friend to try out Qing Xiang Yuan’s dumplings I couldn’t resist. Apparently they’re the best dumplings in Chicago and I’m prepared to agree, despite these being the only I’ve ever tried.

I was very well seen to, great service and the dumplings came out fairly quick after ordering. I wanted to try more than one flavour so I had to order 32 in total, ha. Each portion includes 16. I couldn’t eat all, no chance, even though I wanted to because they were o freakin’ good!

I love coriander so I have to say the Lamb & Coriander dumplings where my favourite but the Pork & Pickled Cabbage were lovely too.


What are your favourite food places in Chicago? If you try any of these during your visit, I’d love to hear what you think.

Jennie xx