It’s the end of yet another year. 2019 is almost over and I’ve naturally thought about what I’ve done over the year. I’ve had my ups and downs, mostly downs it feels like but looking at the following list, I have so many things to be happy about. In no particular order, these are my 19 highlights in 2019.

I was interviewed on live radio. I was invited down to BBC Radio Leeds to chat live on their ‘Rated’ radio show. It was a really big moment for my blog, chatting about how I got started, how I balance it alongside a full time job and where I see it going in the future. If you want to hear the full show, listen here.

BBC Radio Leeds

Being listed in The Yorkshire Press.  Earlier this year, Life Styled by Jennie was listed as  one of the 30 blogs to check out in Yorkshire. Seeing the competition is high in the north, it’s amazing to make the list and thanks to it, I got the above mentioned radio show invitation.

Loosing 10kg and staying a size 10. The journey started last year but I finished my PT sessions in February this year. By then I lost the 10kg I had set out to. Since, I’ve been up and down the scales but managed to stay a size 10 in clothes. 

Lifting weights on my own. As part of going to a PT, I started lifting weights. When I finished my PT sessions I had to go into the weights area of the gym on my own. It was scary at first but now I go every week and I feel comfortable using all the machines and I know which weights to use and how. 

New 5k pb. I’ve not been to many park runs this year but at one of them, I set a new 5k personal best – 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

New 10k pb. I’ve also managed to set a new personal best for double the distance. Signing up to Leeds Abbey Dash at the end of the year, I wanted to finish it under 55 minutes and with 32 seconds to spare, I did just that. New 10k pb – 54 minutes and 28 seconds.

I ran a half marathon. So much running has been done this year and I love it. I’ve been for longer runs along the canal than ever before and in May, I ran my first official half marathon. I finished in just over two hours (2.04) which I think is amazing!

Leeds Half Marathon

Liverpool winning Champions League, Super Cup and Club World Cup. It’s Liverpool’s year, that’s for sure. There doesn’t seem to be anything or anyone stopping them at the minute. With these two titles in the bag, I hope they’ll also lift the Premier League trophy in May 2020.

Finishing my sleeve tattoo. Last year I booked my first sitting for a sleeve tattoo. I gave Tasha the idea of what I wanted and a couple of fish I’d like to see in the design. She did the rest and during four sittings between winter and summer this year, it was completed. 

Day trip in the Scottish highlands. Instead of visiting Leeds, my brother and family went to Edinburgh and as it’s not that far away, I met up with them for a couple of days. One of the days, we booked a day tour to experience the Scottish highlands. I want to go again and explore properly, it’s absolutely amazing! Out of this world.

Ben Nevis

George Ezra gig. I’ve not been to any gigs this year, bar one. And it’s one of the best I’ve been to in ages. George Ezra brought the roof down in Leeds arena. It was a crazy good evening. 

Exploring Shoreditch. I’ve been meaning to for a while and finally I saw an opportunity to take a day off work and spend it in Shoreditch. My new favourite area in London.

Working with some fab brands. One of the things I love about this blog is all the opportunities I get to work with great brands. Highlights this year is Slingsby Gin, Pandora and Oasis and being invited along to Night Light Leeds‘ press night.

Surprising my mum with Westlife tickets for next year. My mum is a big fan so when she told me that they’re playing at Wembley next year, I knew I had to get her a ticket. I kept it a secret until her birthday and the reaction on her face said it all. 

10 year celebration living in Leeds. 17 September marked me living in Leeds for 10 years. They’ve gone so fast! I might not have been born here but I do feel like I’ve brewed well and I’m proud to call myself a Yorkshire lass. 

Yorkshire Lass

Voting in the General Election. The outcome might not have been how I wanted but I was very proud to be able to make my voice heard. As part of me becoming a British citizen two years ago, it felt good to do my duty. One of the reasons for me becoming a Brit is so that I can have a say in the country I live in.

I finally went to the Lake District. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time and this year it happened. I spent a lovely weekend in Lake District with the girls, exploring, hot tub bathing and catching up.

Visiting friends and family in Sweden. I always go back at least once every year to catch up with family and friends. This year I went two times, in January and over summer. During the summer visit, I had time to go to Denmark, Halmstad and Kalmar so I almost saw everyone I know and care for.

My mum visiting me in summer and bestie in autumn. As much as I enjoy going back to Sweden to see finds and family, it’s great to host them when they come to see me in Leeds. My mum stayed for a full week in summer and although the weather wasn’t the greatest we still had a great time with plenty of days out. My bestie came for a weekend in November and we too had time to explore in Yorkshire.

What are your highlights of 2019? It’s weird to think we’re going into 2020 in a couple of days. I still remember New Year’s Eve 19 years ago, entering the new millennial. If someone had told me where I’d be right now back then, I wouldn’t have believed any of it. I’m excited to see what the next 20 will bring.

Jennie xx