Weekly Update #34

I wish all weekends were three days long. It’s Sunday today and I’m writing up this weekly update but only difference is, tomorrow is also classed as a Sunday and i’m so happy. It’s been a long week with far too many parties for me (I’m getting old) so I need an extra day to recover, ha!

My flat has seen a party for the first time. On Friday we had a karaoke night out with the work colleagues who all came to mine first for pre-drinks. My flat survived and I’m sure there will be more gatherings here soon enough. Some of the girls brought me house warming presents perfect for my balcony: lovely flower and this cute fairly lights jar.

Skull decorations

I finally got around to decorating the magazine file we got from the Viking Arty Party. It turns out the silver and gold pens I used to decorate the mugs also worked to do block printing with. Attempting to draw a skull on foam and cut it out to make a identifiable print was a bit tricky but I got there in the end. What do you think of my skull bunting design?

EPIC Cocktail Bar Launch

Thursdays are still the most popular day in the week for events taking place in Leeds. It’s a nice way to break up the week. This Thursday, Natalie and Charlotte had been invited to the launch of EPIC Cocktail Club (former Brooklyn Bar) on Call Lane and I tagged along as a plus one. We arrived early, not like us, but being one of the first on the doors was a good shout to get a table downstairs. The bar filled up very quickly and poor Nat had to queue for our drinks for a very long time. Sadly, they weren’t really worth it and would it have been a night out, I’d probably would have given this bar a miss.

Luckily, we also got a token to try one of their cocktails in the upstairs lounge bar. Up here, you’re only allowed if there’s a seat available (at least on this night) and it was a complete transformation from downstairs. I loved the tranquil vibe, the lighting and the flavoursome aromas flying around (more on that in a second). If you go to EPIC Cocktail Club, it’s in their lounge you want to be!

EPIC Cocktail ClubHalf Moon Bay Cocktail

The ten cocktails on offer are a bit more pricey than downstairs, £9, but fairly so. They are so much more than a cocktail that you can easily make at home and they’re all paired with an aroma which is sprayed in front of you upon serving. I’ve never experienced anything like it so well worth a visit if you want a different cocktail experience. I love my gin and citrus flavours so I chose the Half Moon Bay cocktail and it was delicious, so refreshing! My little spot in the lounge was sprayed full with grapefruit infusions. Full cocktail menu here.

How many cocktails have you had this week? Too many for me so back to a chilled evening.

Jennie xx



  1. 31st August 2016 / 9:11 am

    Congrats on the successful flat party! Before’s are generally OK.. its the after’s and just flat party where it can get messy I’d say.lol
    That jar is beautiful!
    The cocktail opening sounds good too. 🙂


    • 1st September 2016 / 10:37 pm

      Thank you! Luckily I was good at organising most of the bottles, glasses etc. whilst waiting for the taxi so the cleaning bit the day after wasn’t half as bad 😉 x

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